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A continuation of Glycolysis

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1 A continuation of Glycolysis
Fermentation A continuation of Glycolysis

2 Glycolysis Label the steps of glycolysis you learned about yesterday
GLUCOSE 2NADH 2 Pyruvic Acid Molecules Label the steps of glycolysis you learned about yesterday

3 Anaerobic Respiration: Fermentation
Fermentation begins with pyruvic acid formed from glycolysis if no oxygen is present. Two types of fermentation can depending on the type of organism Pyruvic Acid Alcoholic Fermentation occurs in yeasts (fungus) and bacteria Lactic Acid Fermentation occurs in animals’ muscle tissue

4 Alcoholic Fermentation
Pyruvic acid combines with one of the high energy NADH molecules formed from glycolysis Ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide and NAD+ are formed The NAD+ is reused in glycolysis The ethyl alcohol and CO2 have some uses to humans Ethyl Alcohol CO2 NAD+ Pyruvic Acid NADH

5 Brewing Beer Beer has been created by humans for over 10,000 years.
The CO2 produced makes the beer slightly carbonated

6 Making Bread As the yeast in bread dough produces CO2 the it rises.
The alcohol is present in the raw dough but evaporates away as the bread is baked

7 Lactic Acid Fermentation
Pyruvic acid is converted into lactic acid by using a NADH molecule created during glycolysis. Pyruvic Acid NADH Lactic Acid NAD+

8 Feel the Burn! Strenuous exercise causes muscles to run low on oxygen so your cells switch to anaerobic respiration and produce lactic acid through fermentation. The buildup causes a burning sensation in your muscles

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