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Software Engineering for Cloud Computing Rao, Feng 04/27/2011.

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1 Software Engineering for Cloud Computing Rao, Feng 04/27/2011

2 What will you know? What is cloud computing. What is cloud engineering. How could this new technology help us.

3 Cloud Computing Concept

4 Cloud Computing Types



7 Cloud Engineering Cloud engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on Cloud services, such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

8 Structure of Cloud Engineering Elements authored by Tony Shan

9 Elements of cloud engineering Foundation : the fundamental basics, concepts, guiding principles, and taxonomy Implementation : the building blocks and practice guides for cloud realization Lifecycle : the end-to-end iteration of cloud development and delivery Management : the design-time and run-time cloud management from multiple perspectives

10 Architecture Layers Client Application Platform Infrastructure Server

11 The *aaS paradigm SaaS: Software as a Service – Applications for end-users(, Google, etc.) Email, office suite, photos sharing, video storage Paas: Platform as a Service – Services for web app developers(Azure, Google, etc.) Workflow facilities and various basic service( http, database) Iaas: Infrastructure as a Service – Resources for developers (Amazon, Joyent, etc) Servers, network equipment, memory, CPU

12 What can we learn Project based on Cloud Service may appear in future 577 courses. Knowing this basic concept of cloud computing is necessary. A good solution to cut cost and improve business efficiency. LADOT Intranet is similar to a Internal Cloud Web Application. 1.Access through browser and run on server but not local machine 2.Edit MS documents through browser without installing the MS Office on local machine 3.Technically maintained by IT department, normal users only need to maintain content.

13 Enjoy the Cloud Thank You!

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