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Space The elements of art.

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1 Space The elements of art

2 Space refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below, or within things

3 Space can be positive or negative.
Positive Space: filled with something, such as lines, designs, color, or shapes Negative Space: Empty space in an artwork, a void.

4 Space creates depth. Foreground: The are of a picture that is closest to the viewer. Middle ground: Area of an artwork that lies between the foreground and the background. Background: The area of the scene that is furthest from the viewer, usually near the horizon line.

5 Background Middle ground Foreground

6 Six things an artist does to create Depth/Space
Placement: Where the artist puts an item determines how close or how far away it can look.

7 Overlapping:

8 Size:

9 Detail:

10 Converging Lines:

11 Color:

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