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Chapter 9- Vehicle Information

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1 Chapter 9- Vehicle Information
Driver’s Education- Period 4 Mr. Hamill

2 Vehicle Title & Registration
NJ Law states any purchased new or used vehicle must be titled, insured, and registered before driving on NJ roadways Out-of-State Resident has 60 days to register/title Initial registration of a brand new car lasts 4 years, all other registrations are only one year All title transactions must be completed at the MVC

3 Vehicle Registration Must be at least 17 to register a car in NJ
Complete Registration application form at NJ MVC with insurance company name and policy number Show proof of ownership: New Car=Manufacturer’s certificate of origin & dealer sale of proof certificate Used Car=A title signed by the previous owner Leased Car=Power of Attorney from leasing company Show proof that the required sales tax has been paid or pay it at the MVC

4 License Plates Two matching license plates that must be displayed in the front & rear of the vehicle Must be at least one foot from the ground, but not further than four feet Must be clean, visible, & the rear plate must be lighted so it can be seen at 50 feet at night Any obscurities such as license plate covers will result in a $100 violation

5 License Plates Con. Always report lost or stolen plates & hold onto the complaint papers Replace plates within 24 hours at MVC Dispose of all old plates to MVC or by mail to MVC May transfer to a new vehicle A motorist who uses counterfeit or forged plates may receive a $500 fine, 60 days imprisonment, and/or 6 months license suspension If vehicle insurance is terminated, the plates must be returned to the MVC

6 Vehicle Inspection All gasoline-fueled vehicles, more than 5 model years old, that are registered in NJ must pass state emissions inspections every 2 years at a state inspection facility or state-licensed private inspection facility New gasoline fueled vehicles, must pass their first MVC inspection five years after they are initially registered To be eligible for inspection, motorists must bring valid driver’s license, valid NJ registration, and valid insurance Moving from another state, 14 days to get inspected after registering it in NJ

7 Insurance Every vehicle in NJ must have Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance A NJ Insurance Identification Card will be provided for each vehicle under a policy The card must remain in the vehicle with the driver at all times Will be asked for during accidents, traffic stops, and inspections Driving uninsured will result in fines, community service, & license/registration suspension

8 Insurance Fraud Providing false information to an insurance company when making a claim or submitting an insurance application Can impose fines up to $15,000 & can file criminal charges that will result in jail time Insurance Fraud could result in License Loss

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