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Online banking Using the internet for your banking.

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1 Online banking Using the internet for your banking

2 What can you do easily online?

3 Pay anyone Check your balance View all your transactions over a period of time (electronic account ‘statement’) Schedule bills - pay bills on a certain date Move money from one account to another

4 What can’t you do online?

5 Get cash Put cash in (deposit cash)

6 Online Security: How do all these security items make our banking safe? official web addresspadlock icon digital certificatedefault time-out anti-virus softwarefirewall 128-bit encryptionlog off command customer password customer logon

7 Security: words and meanings Go to: rity_act1.htm can you find each of the security items on the banking web page? rity_act1.htm

8 Make up a good strong password At least 8 characters: mix of letters and numbers Avoid real words and numbers, like names, street address or date of birth or phone number Replace letters with numbers: S for 5; 0 for O; E for 3 Test your skills with the Passwords Quiz:

9 THINGS TO REMEMBER... 1. Never store your logon and password together on your computer, or in your email account. 2. If you accidentally enter the wrong password or logon, a message saying invalid logon will appear. If this happens 3 times, you will be locked out and unable to access your account. To get access again, you must ring the bank. 3. Always remember to log off when you’re finished using online banking. 4. Be careful about transferring funds to another person’s account. If you enter the wrong information, you will not be able to get your money back. 5. Always print or write down the lodgement and receipt number of completed online transactions.

10 Let’s do some banking at SIM Bank ! 1. Create a strong password 2. Log on: write down your customer ID and type in your password, and type it again… choose your income level and SUBMIT. 3. Check balance and view your statement 4. Transfer money 5. Pay a bill

11 Go to: _is_intro.htm to practice online banking at SIM bank and do more of the activities _is_intro.htm

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