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Caregiving: Adult Care Overview. 2 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Objectives Understand what adult care is Learn how to assess your loved.

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1 Caregiving: Adult Care Overview

2 2 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Objectives Understand what adult care is Learn how to assess your loved one’s needs Discuss how to talk to your loved one about his or her changing care needs Identify available care options and resources

3 3 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You What Is Adult Care? Care given by an individual (the “caregiver”) to an adult May include a broad array of interrelated services: –Housing –Transportation –Financial –Home maintenance –Health care –Counseling –Legal services

4 4 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Assessing Your Loved One’s Needs Dress and undress without help each day? Drive or use public transportation without assistance? Shop for groceries and clothing without help? Prepare healthy, regular meals? Take a bath, shower or sponge bath without help? Get in and out of bed without help? Be left alone during the day? Pay bills and manage finances without help? Is your older loved one able to :  Clean his or her home or apartment?  Live alone comfortably and confidently?  Remain active and interested in life and hobbies?  Walk, climb stairs and get around the house easily?  Remember to take medications?  Keep up minimum weight  Adequately manage household duties?  Continue to care about health and wellness?  Maintain a positive attitude?  Control his or her emotions?  Generally take care of him or herself?

5 5 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Discussing Care Options With Your Loved One Express your concerns in a sensitive manner Talk with your loved one about his or her wants and needs Encourage your loved one to be an active participant in the decision making process When considering a change, give your loved one plenty of time to get used to the idea. Let your loved one know you are there for support

6 6 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Professional Care Managers Perform care planning assessments Advocate for your loved one Offer short-term or ongoing assistance Screen, arrange for, and monitor services Review financial or legal issues Identify and work with appropriate experts Ensure compliance with benefit requirements Identify cost-saving strategies Analyze in-home medical equipment needs and contact providers. Coordinate a move Help arrange respite care Counsel, support and educate you, your loved one and other family members Conduct or find support groups

7 7 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Care Options for Older Adults Independent living –Supportive services –In-home care –Adult day care Housing alternatives –Retirement communities –Assisted living facilities –Long-term care facilities Moving a loved one into your home Financial assistance and insurance Legal issues

8 8 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Independent Living Remain in home environment Personal or medical services not provided Supportive services and other resources may be available

9 9 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Community Services Senior centers Transportation services Meal delivery programs Friendly visitor/Telephone reassurance Grocery delivery Cleaning services

10 10 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Home Care Services Types of home care services: –Custodial care refers to assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing or eating –Skilled care refers to medical care, such as special treatments or therapies, administered by a medical professional Cost and insurance

11 11 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Adult Day Care What is adult day care? Services provided Cost and insurance

12 12 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Housing Alternatives All levels of care available Variety of services depending on the facility Most include some personal or medical services—up to 24 hour care

13 13 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Retirement Communities What are retirement communities? Levels of care offered vary, but can include: –Independent living –Assisted living –Skilled care Services provided Cost and insurance

14 14 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Assisted Living Facilities What is assisted living? Services provided Cost and insurance

15 15 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Long-Term Care Facilities What is a long-term care facility? Levels of care offered –Custodial care –Intermediate care –Skilled care –Sub-acute care Services provided Cost and insurance

16 16 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Moving Your Loved One Into Your Home Making the decision to care for a loved one in your home Coordinating with other family members Safe-proofing your home

17 17 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Legal Issues Power of attorney Durable power of attorney Guardianship or conservatorship

18 18 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You Financial Assistance and Insurance Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Medicare Medigap and Medicaid Long-term care insurance

19 19 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You WorkLife4You Resources WorkLife4You provides information and referrals on: –Independent Housing Options –Home Health Care Providers –Professional Care Managers –Community Services –Assisted Living Facilities –Long-Term Care Facilities –Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, long-term care insurance –Caregiving information –Home Safety –Financial/Legal Issues

20 20 06/29/2007 2:30pmeSlide - P4065 - WorkLife4You WorkLife4You Resources (con’t) Adult Care & Aging Web Service Aging Well, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Caregiving Issues, Driving, End of Life, Fall Prevention, Home Care, Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid, Memory, Residential Care/Housing, Resources for Adults with Disabilities, Services & Resources Audio Tips and Podcasts Adult Care Overview, The Sandwich Generation, Caregiving Elderly Parents, Healthy Aging, Keeping Older Drivers Safe on the Road, Preventing Older Adult Falls and TBI Medical Animations Alzheimer’s Disease Discussion Groups Adult Caregivers Network On Demand Webinars Adult Care Overview, Caring Financially for Your Older Parents, Caregiving: Legal/Financial Issues, Communicating with Your Older Loved One, The Sandwich Generation, Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease, Long-Term Care Insurance: What You Need to Know WorkLife4You Guides What You Need to Know About Becoming a Caregiver; Day-to-Day Caregiving; Caring for a Loved One from Afar, Health Care, Legal and Financial Issues for Caregivers; Avoiding Caregiver Burnout, Professional Care Management, Home Safety for Adult Loved Ones; Encouraging Healthy Habits in Adult Loved Ones; Home Care; Adult Day Care Centers; Assisted Living Facilities; Long-Term Care Facilities WorkLife4You web site

21 21 Let WorkLife4You Make Your Life a Little Easier! Contact WorkLife4You 24/7: 1-877-WL4-NOAA (1-877-954-6622) (TTY 800-873-1322) Look for the “Already a member?” box — Not a member yet? Follow the “Register” link and enter Registration Code: NOAA


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