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Church Division.

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1 Church Division

2 SSWH4 The student will analyze the importance of the Byzantine and Mongol
empires between 450 CE and 1500 CE. b. Describe the relationship between the Roman and Byzantine Empires; include the impact Byzantium had on Moscow and the Russian Empire, the effect of Byzantine culture on Tsar Ivan III and Kiev, and the rise of Constantinople as a center for law, religion, and the arts. c. Explain the Great Schism of 1054 CE.


4 Things began to develop differently
Distance too much between East and West Lack of contact Different cultural practices

5 Eastern Church Followed early Church fathers Saint Basil-357
Wrote rules for life of monks Describes how Christians should behave Not be showy in clothing Consume nothing beyond necessity All men above himself


7 Eastern Church Patriarch – leading bishop of the East, bowed to the emperor. Belief in icons Religious symbols to aid in devotion

8 Western Church Papacy in total control—the Pope
Had rule over emperor and all bishops in empire

9 The Split Schism of 1054 Split
political conflicts belief differences Pope and patriarch both excommunicated each other (cast out from the church) West = Roman Catholic = pope East = Eastern Orthodox = patriarch


11 ASSIGNMENT P. 305 Create your own Venn Diagram with the information about comparing 2 churches

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