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1 Introducing Reportnet Miruna Badescu. 2 A linear view of Reportnet process.

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1 1 Introducing Reportnet Miruna Badescu

2 2 A linear view of Reportnet process

3 3 Data reporting tools (ROD) Reporting Obligations Database (ROD) Web-enabled database with all relevant reporting obligations and deadlines Obligations that countries have towards organizations, such as DG Environment, Eurostat, OECD, UN, EEA Also contains links to the official documents describing how the obligations are to be fulfilled (in the DD or in other places)

4 4 Data reporting tools (DD) Data dictionary (DD): Reportnet service providing detailed data definitions, templates and schemas for reporting: Provides definitions of data elements and data types Generates data reporting templates, schemas and guidelines available It focuses on data harmonisation and ensuring the comparability of data from the countries

5 5 Data handling tools (DEM) Data comes in many different formats and flavours EEA has chosen the XML format for storing all the reported data in their Data Repositories Specific Data exchange modules DEMs are available for some dataflows for uploading and downloading data to/from CDR they can be run locally (e.g. MS Access databases or spreadsheets which include quality checks) example

6 6 Data handling tools (CDR) Data repositories currently implemented in form of the: Central Data Repository (CDR) Mediterranean Data Repository (MDR) A Data Repository is the place where: Data or reports are uploaded Reports are made available to the Data Requestor and the public search by obligation available Data can be converted in other formats Built-in services, built to match the reporting requirements: Conversion Quality Assessment Web Form Service

7 7 Data handling tools (DMM) Customised software for data gathering, importing and exporting Client application that is installed locally A tool for Data Processors that aggregates data in local files or databases

8 8 Who are the people? Network directory (or Eionet directory) is Eionet’s central user database circle/Home/central_dir_admin?fn=roles&v=eionet&rd=1&ud=1 An Eionet account can be granted access to several Reportnet tools such as CDR, ROD, DD etc. (e.g. Data Reporter, Data Requester) It also stores the organisational structure and maps it to people

9 9 Content monitoring Unified Notification System (UNS) notifies subscribers on new content and events Content monitoring: search and notification services across all Reportnet modules: Content registry - one search entry point for deliveries, obligations and data definition entries Global Eionet search

10 10 Data dissemination EEA data services: the platform for publishing final data sets: Information products: reports, indicators, maps, graphs, etc. with relevant information for end-users:

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