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+ Where The Mountain Meets The Moon: Part II Story Follower – Kaytlyn Ball.

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1 + Where The Mountain Meets The Moon: Part II Story Follower – Kaytlyn Ball

2 + The Story the Girl Told the Green Tiger When A fu approached the Green Tiger she told him a story. Minli overheard in from afar. A fu told the Green Tiger that her brother that came with her to be sacrificed was taken by the Green Tiger’s son. At first, I did not see the developing part of this story, but it shows Minli that the story was false. As you continue to read the story, this story makes a connection with the fact that the villagers feared for their children due to the Green Tiger’s revenge. The revenge the Green Tiger did seek was based on a story told in the first part of the book about a family that he felt tricked them when he wanted to know their secret of happiness.

3 + The Story of the Village of the Moon Rain This story is mostly just a story for Minli to understand why the village is called The Village of the Moon Rain. Minli wondered why it wasn’t named after all the flowers and Da-A- Fu told her the story of how the village got its name. Later in the book, there is a connection made from another one of the stories told and this story.

4 + The Story of the Green Tiger and the Tea. This story links to the story of The Village of the Moon Rain. In the story about the village, Da-A-Fu described these flowers that were growing due to this mysterious rain that came at night. This story describes the background history of the Green Tiger’s anger which somewhat connects to the understanding of the first story I mentioned. The story of the Green Tiger and the Tea helps Minli understand how Da-A- Fu’s grandmother discovered the medicine that can heal the wound caused by the Green Tiger. Minli’s dragon friend was injured by the Green Tiger and this story reassures Minli that they can heal her dragon friend.

5 + The story of Da-A-Fu’s Ancestors In the story of Da-A-Fu’s ancestors, you get even more of an understanding of why A-Fu told the Green Tiger that story to get rid of him. This story also connects to a story that was told in the first part of the book. The Magistrate Tiger wanted the secret to happiness and he felt he was tricked when he didn’t get the answer he was looking for. This story is helping everything in the book to be pulled together and answer any questions the reader may have.

6 + The Story of the Dragon’s Pearl Ba is telling this story to Ma. There really isn’t a connection made yet to anything that was happening at that time in the book. Towards the end, you read that Minli brought her dragon friend’s crystal ball home that she took off of his head to make the dragon lighter to fly. Minli learns from her father that it is the dragon’s pearl. The story of the Dragon’s Pearl helps get the idea of the major importance the Dragon’s Pearl is.

7 + The Story of Wu Kang Once Minli arrived to the Never Ending Mountain, a rabbit welcomed her and told her to hurry. She thought that this man chopping a tree was The Old Man of the Moon, but it was a man named Wu Kang. This story explains that Wu Kang was never satisfied and always wanted more. The Old Man of the Moon had Wu Kang chop the tree to teach him patience. I think that the story was told to Minli because she was in such a hurry to know answers and continuously asked questions.

8 + The Story That Ma told. This story is the most important story of all, well at least I think so. Ma decided to tell Ba a story for once. The story is more of an apology. It shows that Ma realized that the way she acted about their misfortune may have made Minli feel she needed to go and try to change their fortune. As we read the story we see that Ma realizes that they never had a poor fortune. They had everything they needed, they just didn’t realize it. This story is told the same time that Minli realizes that she just needs to be thankful for what she has.

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