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Family Relations Ho!… hello! I am Peter and this is my family….

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2 Family Relations Ho!… hello! I am Peter and this is my family….

3 My Family Tree Tony DebbieJames SusanStuart Grace KenLouise Keith Sue JudyGreen The Blues The Browns MaryMe

4 My little sister Mary is four years younger than me She is still in her primary school We sometimes have a row because she wants to take my things.

5 On my father’s side These are Tony and Grace, my grandparents. They live in a nice cottage in the countryside They are my father’s parents

6 This is my grandparents’ house. It’ s a big detached house. It is on three levels: The ground floor The first floor The attic. There is also a basement and a garage in the back. Around the house there is a nice garden.

7 Mary and my parents That’s my sister Mary and my parents at breakfast. Ken, my father is a dentist. My mother, Judy Green, is a shop manager. They are both 38.

8 Celebrities in the family Aunt Louise is Keith and Sue’s Mum. She is two years older than my father. She is an anchorwoman and works for our local TV Dad’s sister

9 James the artist My aunt’s husband plays the saxophone in a Jazz band. He is a wonderful musician and he often plays with his son Keith

10 My relatives This is Keith, my favourite cousin. He is 15. He is a Jim Morrison’s fan and he loves playing the guitar. My relatives

11 This is my little cousin Sue. She is only six months old. Keith’s baby sister She is a good baby girl and cries only when she is hungry…or wet.

12 The Browns … the “in-law” relatives This is Stuart Brown. He was born in Liverpool where he worked as a carpenter. In 1950 he moved to USA where he started his own business and became rich

13 This is Susan. She looks young here, but this is an old photo, when she was still a Maths teacher. Now she has retired and looks after her grandchildren.

14 Here comes Debbie. James’s sister. She is a swimming instructor and she is also very good at diving

15 My Family Older than me Younger than me Living in a different place A mind map

16 The older

17 The younger

18 In different places Uncle and aunt Cousins The Browns Peter’s Family Grandparents

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