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Theater and Shakespeare Review English 9 By

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1 Theater and Shakespeare Review English 9 By

2 Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford on Avon, England

3 This type of play is light-hearted and ends on a happy note Comedy

4 A rich person of high rank who supported an acting company Patron

5 What was Shakespeare’s wife’s name? Anne Hathaway

6 How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37

7 Poor audience members who paid a penny to stand in the yard and watch the play Groundlings

8 What are the names of Shakespeare’s children Susanna, Judith & Hamnet (twins)

9 If a comedy was being performed at the Globe, the color of the flag would be... White

10 How was young Shakespeare introduced to drama? Traveling actors came to Stratford

11 What two things did costumes reveal to the audience? A character’s status (king or servant) and morality (good or evil)

12 What was the seating capacity of the Globe? 3000

13 What was Shakespeare’s father’s name John

14 What time of day did a play start? 2:00 PM

15 Shakespeare’s works were first published in a collection called... The First Folio

16 This type of play is serious, and the main character dies as a result of his tragic flaw Tragedy

17 What was Shakespeare’s mother’s name? Mary Arden

18 London’s first theater was called... The Theater

19 This type of play is about the history of English kings History

20 What the comedian in an acting company was called Clown

21 What is the name of the property Shakespeare purchased when he was ready to retire New Place

22 She was a patron of all arts and supported Shakespeare Queen Elizabeth I

23 What was the censor of the plays called? The Master of Revels

24 Where the Globe Theater was located Southwark

25 Where did Shakespeare move to follow his acting career London

26 What is the name of the great tragic actor in Shakespeare’s company? Richard Burbage

27 What burned to the ground in 1613 during a production of Henry VIII The Globe

28 How long did a performance (play) last? Two hours

29 What is the name of the great comedian (clown) in The King’s Men? Will Kempe

30 He became the patron of Lord Chamberlain’s Men, so they changed their name to honor him? James I

31 What did Shakespeare’s father do for a living? Glovemaker

32 How would the audience know a play was about to start Three trumpet blasts

33 What color flag would be raised to represent a history? Red

34 What is a nickname for the Globe? The wooden O

35 With no scenery, how would the audience gain an understanding of the play? Costumes, props, music, and what the actors said (“My, it’s foggy today”)

36 What is a 14-line poem with a certain rhyme scheme called? A sonnet

37 Who played the female roles? Younger, teenage boys (women weren’t allow to act)

38 What was the Globe built out of? Lumber/timber from the Theater

39 What cost 45 million dollars and opened in 1997? A reconstruction of the Globe

40 How did Shakespeare earn most of his money? His share of the gate/admissions

41 How many sonnets did Shakespeare write? 154

42 Label the Parts of the Theater (see the next slide for answers)

43 Parts of the Theater

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