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An ESL Shareware Recipe: Hot Potatoes! By Hsiang-ling Ho.

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2 An ESL Shareware Recipe: Hot Potatoes! By Hsiang-ling Ho

3 How can computer technology contribute to ESL teaching? Two means of integrating computer technology into ESL teaching The Internet Software

4 “There Is No Good CALL Software!” Commercial software for educational purposes A typical language program is skill-based It usually takes form in a self-guided, self- paced exercise Most of the software programs are designed for children Some software is COSTLY!

5 Azar Interactive: A Multimedia Grammar Experience It is based on Betty Azar's proven approach of focusing on grammar Clearly-focused grammar exercises The grammar charts can be printed for easy reference 70+ innovative video clips, original audio segments, and a variety of readings $$$$$ 175.00

6 What is shareware ? A version of the software that is missing features or cannot be used more than a certain number of times or days is distributed freely. Usually users need to pay a small amount of money to get the permission of using the software.

7 Hsiang-ling’s Favorite Pick Goes To….. Hot Potatoes!

8 What is Hot Potatoes? A web authoring shareware program Created by Stewart Arneil, Martin Homes and Hilary Street Enabling teacher to create interactive exercises for the World Wide Web. Free for non-profit educational purpose File size: 11.1M

9 Who is Hot Potatoes designed for? Teachers who want to write an interactive exercise for the web but have no knowledge about Java script.

10 What can Hot Potatoes do for us? 1.JBC- multiple choice answer quizzes 2.JQuiz- short answer quizzes 3.JMix- jumbled sentence exercises 4.JCross- crossword puzzles 20x20 letters in size 5.JMatch- listing exercises and matching exercises 6.JCloze- gap-filling exercises

11 How can I get Hot Potatoes? ProceduresSuggestions 1. Check your own facilities Hardware- PC or Mac Software- a browser 2. Download the program From school- zip disk From home- get right 3. Unzip the program and install it WinZip 4 Register the productJust do it!

12 How can we use it in ESL? For instructional website ject/index.html For class activity

13 “It’s not so much the program, more what you do with it.” Warshauer

14 Thank you hsiangling2001

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