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3 Team comprises of a group of people pooling their skills, talents and knowledge, with mutual support & resources, to achieve a common goal. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity & have many interdependent subtasks What is a Team?

4 Stages in Team Building
Forming Storming Norming Performing

5 Stage 1: FORMING Forming (Orientation)-
This is simply the bringing together of a group of individuals. At this stage, members discuss : How to approach Goals, and what skills are needed, identify strategy Determine individual role Develop trust and communication This is an important stage because it serves to clarify the team's mission and bond team members. .

6 Stage 2: STORMING This stage is characterized by: argument conflict
a dip in morale Diagnose Conflicts: Find out if everyone agrees on roles & responsibilities Try to identify the problems and work out a solution that meets everyone’s goals.

7 Stage 3: Norming This stage in the group's development involves the:
Resolving of issues Setting of group policies, procedures, and values Members accept the team ground rules, their roles and the individuality of their fellow members Team members begin to co-operate and give constructive feedback

8 Stage 4: PERFORMING The team is accomplishing work effectively.
Production is high and the climate is positive. Members are confident about the outcome, enjoy open communication, exhibit high energy, and disagreement is welcome and handled without emotional conflict. Although work is being accomplished through all the stages, this stage reflects the work being accomplished most effectively.


10 SPEED Any project needs research, pulling together
Individual Work SPEED Any project needs research, pulling together a proposition, implementing it & delivering specific benefits If one person was allocated this task, it could take months and may be years to make it happen, by splitting up the task, work can move forward at an impressive rate. Team Work

11 SUPPORT When people work together in a team they tend to
Individual Work SUPPORT When people work together in a team they tend to build bonds between each other. People often go out of their way, when they know that they can rely on the support and encouragement of the team. Team Work

12 UNITY One of the most valuable benefits of
Individual Work One of the most valuable benefits of Team Work is the sense of Unity that accompanies a positive work environment Team Work

13 INNOVATION Members of a team can brainstorm for
Team Work Members of a team can brainstorm for solutions together; working out the kinks in project plans to reach goals more efficiently Individual Work

14 Teamwork Divides the Task and Multiplies the Success


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