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Jeff Koons Winnie Chung 51707367 April Hau 51812303.

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1 Jeff Koons Winnie Chung April Hau

2 Content Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Selected artworks early(1980s),middle(1990s),late(2000s) Part 3: Strategies of becoming famous

Field: Sculpture, printmaking, balloon modelling Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore His income including at least one world record auction price for a work by a living artist.

4 HISTORY Early life and work
Child: selling gift-wrapping paper and candy to earn pocket-money Teenager: revered Salvador Dalí; After college, he worked as a Wall Street commodities broker while establishing himself as an artist 1980s he set up a factory-like studio in a SoHo loft on the corner of Houston and Broadway in New York. Conceptual sculpture The Equilibrium Series (1985)


6 BALLOON ANIMALS(1994–2000) Produced in stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces

7 THE MOST EXPENSIVE! Balloon flower (Magenta) which was sold at Christie's London, on Monday, June 30, 2008 in the Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale, where it sold for $25,765,204. (over 20 million)

He married Hungarian-born naturalized-Italian pornography star Cicciolina. Paintings, photographs, and sculptures portrayed the couple in explicit sexual positions.

9 PUPPY 1992 Puppy, a forty-three feet (12.4 m) tall topiary sculpture of a puppy, executed in a variety of flowers on a steel substructure.

10 Cracked Egg 2006 It won the 2008 Charles Wollaston Award for the most distinguished work in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

11 STRATEGIES Set up studio Media Exposure
factory-like studio in a SoHo loft on the corner of Houston and Broadway in New York(1980s) Media Exposure The Independent (London) “an era when artists were not regarded as ‘stars’, Koons went to great lengths to cultivate his public persona by employing an image consultant.” The New York Times “several dozen people demonstrated outside the palace gates” TV : Night Talk on bloomberg( ) Art21 "Exclusive“ Episode #98

12 STRATEGIES Advertising in international art magazines
Exhibitions – solo & group, international Solo: New York, The New Museum of Contemporary Art (1980) Germany, Banality. Galerie Max Hetzler, Cologne (1988) Belgium, Christophe Van de Weghe, Antwerp (1991) Switerland, Brussels,The Netherlands …… Group: Venezuela, Art for the Eighties, Galeria Durban (1980)   Austria, Jahresmuseum, Kunsthaus Murzzuschlag (1994) Liverpool, France, Portland......

13 STRATEGIES Books Koons, Jeff. “The Jeff Koons Handbook”. 1993
Kimmelman, Michael. 'Jeff Koons' in “The New York Times” Stevens, Mark. 'Adventures in the Skin Trade' in “The New Republic” Tully, Judd. 'Jeff Koons's Raw Talent' in “The Washington Post”

14 STRATEGIES Museum collection San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
The Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo Helsinki City Art Museum The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

15 STRATEGIES Wife - Ilona Staller (pornography star Cicciolina)
Controversy Wife - Ilona Staller (pornography star Cicciolina) Made in Heaven series

16 STRATEGIES Work with brand The BMW Art Car (2012)

17 STRATEGIES Work with pop icon Michael Jackson and Bubbles(1988)

18 STRATEGIES Auction $5.6 million for Michael Jackson and Bubbles (2001)
$23.6 million for a magenta Hanging Heart, sold at Sotheby's New York (2007) -- the most expensive piece by a living artist ever auctioned

19 END

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