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Unit 2: Team Leadership in the Uniformed Public Services

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1 Unit 2: Team Leadership in the Uniformed Public Services

2 Lesson Objectives By the end of this lesson and guided reading you
should be able to: Describe leadership styles and their use in the uniformed public services

3 P1 (a) Produce a website describing the following leadership styles: authoritarian; democratic; laissez-faire; transactional; transformational; bureaucratic; people orientated; task orientated. (b) Your website must include reference to the leadership styles used in the uniformed public services.

4 A Leadership Story: A group of workers and their leaders are set a task of clearing a road through a dense jungle on a remote island to get to the coast where an estuary provides a perfect site for a port. The leaders organise the labour into efficient units and monitor the distribution and use of capital assets – progress is excellent. The leaders continue to monitor and evaluate progress, making adjustments along the way to ensure the progress is maintained and efficiency increased wherever possible. Then, one day amidst all the hustle and bustle and activity, one person climbs up a nearby tree. The person surveys the scene from the top of the tree.

5 And shouts down to the assembled group below… “Wrong Way!”
A Leadership Story: And shouts down to the assembled group below… “Wrong Way!” “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things”

6 What is Leadership The process of influencing others to work willingly towards an organisations goals

7 The Words of David Brent
“If at first you don’t succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried.”

8 The Words of David Brent
“Eagles may soar high but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.”

9 The Words of David Brent
“Never do today that which will become someone else’s responsibility tomorrow.”

10 The Words of David Brent
“Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.”

11 Authoritarian

12 Democratic

13 Laissez-faire

14 Transactional

15 Transformational

16 Bureaucratic

17 People orientated

18 Task orientated.

19 Authoritarian Leadership
Leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else High degree of dependency on the leader Can create de-motivation and alienation of staff May be valuable in some types of business where decisions need to be made quickly and decisively

20 Types of Leadership Style: Authoritarian
Someone like Sir Alex Ferguson has a classic autocratic style, he motivates his players with his fiery personality and he's been very successful that way.

21 Democratic Leadership
Encourages decision making from different perspectives – leadership may be emphasised throughout the organisation Consultative: process of consultation before decisions are taken Persuasive: Leader takes decision and seeks to persuade others that the decision is correct

22 Democratic Leadership (cont)
May help motivation and involvement Workers feel ownership of the firm and its ideas Improves the sharing of ideas and experiences within the business Can delay decision making

23 Types of Leadership Style: Democratic
Someone like Clive Woodward has a democratic, laid-back style. He finds out what his players want and gives them what they ask.

24 Laissez-Faire Leadership
‘Let it be’ – the leadership responsibilities are shared by all Can be very useful in businesses where creative ideas are important Can be highly motivational, as people have control over their working life Can make coordination and decision making time-consuming and lacking in overall direction Relies on good team work Relies on good interpersonal relations

25 Types of Leadership Style: Laissez-Faire
Conservative Prime Minister from 1978 to 1990, credited with the rise of a laissez-faire policy which came to be called "Thatcherism“.

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