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An introduction to some bodywork practices Danielle Goettl.

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1 An introduction to some bodywork practices Danielle Goettl

2 Acupuncture: A traditional Chinese Medicine technique that uses needles to help relieve pain in specific areas of the body. Massage: A type of bodywork where a certified massage therapist uses different massage techniques to loosen up muscles, relieve tension, or stress, and to promote relaxation. Reflexology: A method of relaxation that uses pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears. The reflexologist applies pressure to these specific points on the body.

3  Breathing and flow: yoga practice starts with breathing and continues on to a flow of poses and stretching. This breathing should be maintained and utilized throughout the practice. Similar breathing techniques are used in meditation.  Mind-body connection : During both yoga and meditation, there needs to be a mind-body awareness. The mind needs to be aware of how the body feels. The mind needs to be “turned off” and push away unneeded thoughts, only focused on the body.

4  Tai Chi: the Chinese exercise of slow, small movements that utilize stretching positions and poses, along with breathing techniques. This is a type of martial art.  Medical Qigong: another form of Chinese medicine that uses the energy from within, and exercises to work with the qi (inner force).

5  Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR): PMR is a technique used to relax that body, one section at a time. The feet, legs, core, arms, hands, neck, head, and finally whole body are “squeezed” one at a time with self-talk and breathing.  Breathing for relaxation: Simple breathing for relaxation includes deep breaths with long inhales, and longer exhales. Counting often helps. This breathing can be used outside of bodywork as well.

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