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Africa’s Resources…….. It is a matter of life and death.

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1 Africa’s Resources…….. It is a matter of life and death

2 On a sheet of paper make 2 columns DiamondsOil

3 Africa’s land is enriched with a large amount of natural resources making it one of the world’s richest continents.


5 African nations contain Oil Rubber Gold Diamonds Ivory

6 PG. 419

7 RESOURCES = MONEY $$$ CHA-CHING!! So your next question should be why if Africa has all these resources why is it so poor?

8 --When the resources were first discovered all production was done by the Europeans and exported out of Africa to the European countries. --After the European rule ended the people of Africa lacked the industry, money, and infrastructure to turn the resources into valuable products.

9 --They couldn’t make products with these resources but they could sell the resources to other countries to use as they want. Thus making these resources a source of income for their country. --Sounds good until the resources and income end up in the hands of the wrong people…..leading to conflict, civil war and bloodshed!!


11 There is a myth that the sand in Africa is more orange then normal sand because a lot of blood has been shed fighting over the land that it has dyed the sand.

12 If the United States was to find a large amount of oil reserves in our country what would we do? HOORAY………CHEAPER GAS AND MORE MONEY FOR SHOPPING, CARS, JEWERLY…WOHOOO RAISE THE ROOF!

13 How would African’s react if they discovered more oil?? They would be scared because it would be another reason for more war and death in their country and continent.

14 OIL --called “black gold” --Developed and industrialized countries are dependent on it for their economies to survive. The U.S is one of them. --Buying oil from the Sudan or Chad is helping the nations who are dependent on oil, but by buying it from the rebel groups they are funding a civil war.

15 Buying oil from the rebel groups in the Sudan is funding the war and death. Protest of buying African oil “Africa needs water not oil”




19 In Africa they are not called diamonds. They are called “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds”


21 --In Angola and Sierra Leone there are civil wars between the government and the rebel groups over the diamond mines. It has has cost the lives of millions of people and forced others into slavery or into a refugee camps. They call them blood diamonds because people kill for them and die for them. They are also called conflict diamonds. It is important that you as a consumer make sure when purchasing a diamond that it is from a conflict free zone. Meaning you check to make sure someone didn’t lose their life for it because if it is from either of these countries they did. If they did not lose their life they lose their hands or arms.




25 Turn to pg. 419 and look at the map titled “Economic Activities of Africa”. Using the map answer questions 1-3. When finished turn in.


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