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Cap 333 Network Administration. Grades  20 marks distributed on  Assignments / Project Activities Individual Pairs  1 or 2 tutorial quizzes.

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1 Cap 333 Network Administration

2 Grades  20 marks distributed on  Assignments / Project Activities Individual Pairs  1 or 2 tutorial quizzes

3 Assignments Rules Saturday (8-1) in a box near of your tutorial TA office  All assignments will be handed on Saturday (8-1) in a box near of your tutorial TA office  E-mailed assignments are not accepted  Cheating is prohibited, so if you handed a copied assignment both you and your friend will take -10  Write your full information (name, ID, section #, serial#), any assignment without them will loose marks.  You have to use the cover sheet to the end of the semester ( fill all the info ). You will find it on the course blog.  Late assignment are not accepted, if you are sick bring a medical report, send a soft-copy of your assignment to your tutorial instructor via e-mail on the same day of the due date until 2 p.m., and hand your assignment to your tutorial instructor personally later along with the medical report. If you either didn’t send your assignment or you didn’t hand a hard copy to your instructor, your assignment will not be corrected  Under-doors handed sheets will not be corrected, hand your assignment to your instructor personally

4 Solution Rules  Your solution must be typed by computer. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.  If the question is a project activity, you must make the print screens for your answer. Otherwise, your answer will not be accepted and you will lose your grade.  For each print screen, your server name (which is your name) must be shown. Otherwise, your answer will not be accepted.

5 Course Blog   Please check the blog before the tutorial class.  For any assignment includes ‘Project Activity’. You can discuss your problem on the blog. Please write your real name.

6 Windows Server 2008 R2

7  It is a server operating system produced by Microsoft  To have a server in your PC  install it regularly  Install it in a partition (dual O/Ss)  Install it in a virtual machine  Notes….

8 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007  It allows you to have a small computer with its own hard disk, memory and processor within your original computer.  So it provides a virtual H/W of a complete physical computer  Virtual PC mainly used for tech support and for training issues  We will use it to install windows server 2008 R2 O/S

9 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

10 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (cont.)  Microsoft recommends installing Virtual PC in one of these O/Ss  Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition XP Home edition may works if the physical specifications of your computer are good enough

11 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (cont.)  There are two copies of Microsoft Virtual PC depends on the system architecture ( system bus..etc.)  for 32 bit and,  for 64 bit ( 32 Bit will works with 64 bit system )  ault.mspx ault.mspx

12 installing Virtual PC 2007




16 Select Windows server 2008

17 installing Virtual PC 2007




21 FIRST: installing Virtual PC 2007

22 SECOND: Installing WS 2008  From the menu, click on ‘CD’ and then choose ‘Capture ISO image’.  Browse to where the Windows Server 2008 ISO image is stored (from when it was either downloaded, or arrived on DVD) and hit ‘enter’  From the menu, click on ‘Action’ and then choose ‘send ctrl-alt-del’. This will restart Windows, and Windows Server 2008 will begin to start installing.

23 Installing WS 2008



26  Windows Server 2008 Standard

27 Installing WS 2008





32 Important notes  Find a partner  Make sure that you or your partner have a computer that runs one of the following O/Ss:  Windows XP professional Home edition can be upgraded to professional  Windows Vista Business Needs independent installation  Windows Vista Ultimate  We will need to join one of the computers to the other later

33 Alternatives  You may use 2 virtual PCs one as a server and the other is the client  You may join the host O/S to the guest O/S

34 Windows Virtual PC  Windows Virtual PC is a feature of  Windows 7 Professional,  Windows 7 Ultimate,  and Windows 7 Enterprise, that allows you to run multiple Windows environments.

35 Windows Virtual PC  The list of features for the new version is impressive when compared to the old Virtual PC 2007 version (which had none of these). Finally, Microsoft is adding many features that are already long present in 3rd-party virtualization software like  VMware Workstation and  Sun Virtual Box.  Features:  Easy setup of Windows XP Mode  USB support  Seamless applications  Clipboard sharing - Cut and paste between your Windows 7 host and any virtual machine.  Printer redirection  Virtual PC only supports 32-bit virtual machines.

36 Windows Virtual PC  Important: To run Windows Virtual PC (and with it, XPM), your computer has to have the Intel VT or AMD-V features enabled in the BIOS. To find out if your PC is virtualization capable, please visit the Windows Virtual PC support page: 

37 Windows Virtual PC  Download update from the following link:  Windows Virtual PC Download: pc/download.aspx pc/download.aspx

38 Windows Virtual PC  Double click on the.msu to launch the installation.

39 Windows Virtual PC  In the installer window, click "Yes".  In the License Terms window, click "I Accept" (if you do accept) to begin the installation.  When done, reboot the computer.

40 Windows Virtual PC  Now, when you type "virtual" in the Windows 7 Start menu, you'll get a link to Virtual PC.  Clicking on it will bring you to the Virtual Machines folder

41 Sun virtual Box  The latest release is version 3.2.8  Download link  Box-3.2.8-64453-Win.exe Box-3.2.8-64453-Win.exe  Installing Sun virtual Box (5:40)   Create Windows 2008 virtual machine in VirtualBox   Installing Windows server 2008 on VirtualBox 

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