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2 2 2 TOURISM A1/ Quick overview of the world international market A constant increase whatever the impact of crisis Intern arrival Years million of tourists 195025 1980277 1990438 1995525 2000681 2005800 2010920 20201400 International arrivals

3 3 3 TOURISM A2/ Quick overview of the world international market 51% are travelling for leisure, recreation, holydays –VFR + Health + religion -> 27% –Business, professional -> 15 % Market shares of Europe and North America decrease –Africa, Middle East and Asia Increase

4 4 4 TOURISM A3/ Quick overview of the world international market Most of the countries (200) try to attract international tourists More than 100 become significant sources of international tourists Heliotropism was the most important motivation in the past Now it is challenged by –Cultural tourism –Discovery – nature –Shopping –Sport and activities –… “Niche” activities become more and more a motivation for tourism –Trekking, scuba diving, hunting, safaris… –Medical tourism –Language learning –Industrial visits –Wine and Gastronomic tours –… Conclusion: Huge competition between many destinations Needs to promote with a very accurate Marketing

5 5 5 TOURISM B/ What bring the tourism development to a country ? Economic resources –Average worldwide part of GDP coming from tourism industry 8% –Foreign currency receipts benefits foreign exchange balance Social impacts –Create local employment –Specially for women Allows to maintain or develop –Cultural conservation –Nature (Fauna and Flora) preservation –Handicraft –Sport activities Give activities in regions –Allows to fix some population –Develop some areas having no other potential activities

6 6 6 TOURISM C1/ How to promote a destination ? Market research –Gathered all the statistics concerning tourism –Study the main competitors and their performances Branding – Image – Core products –Find what is the specificity of the destination – what is is unique -> DNA of the destination –Build a corporate image from there – Avoiding to deliver the same message than others –Often to have references at the culture or the history of the country in relations with the targeted markets –That branding might be lightly different depending the markets Choice the targets of customers – select the products –Never try to get all the type of customers –Search of the most specific products adapted to an interesting target in the selected market – This is the basic offers on which you must invest.

7 7 7 TOURISM C2/ How to promote a destination ? Investing step by step –The actions have to be graduated depending on the result First step: To get general exposure –in the brochures or web site of the tour operators and professional –In the media (PR to get covering by medias) Second step: To be recognized as a tourism product –Better known by travel agents –Be in contact with general public Third step: To be a trendy destination –Be recognized by specialists as a trendy destination –To maintain this status

8 8 8 TOURISM C3/ How to promote a destination ? What are the main tools to be used: First step -Media and buyers (TO) trips to the destination (Familiarization and educational trips) -Newsletters – Industry meeting – Sales calls… -Professional fairs -Advertising in the professional press -Web site in the local language Second step –Similar actions than step 1 –Workshops and roadshows for travel agents in the targeted market –Training, E-learning … for travel agents –Advertising in the touristic press (reportage) –Consumer fairs. Third step –Similar actions than in step 1 and 2 –TV shows to be negotiated (reality shows…) –General advertising –Events related to culture –Celebrity marketing The budget for a new destination may start around 100.000 € / year for a first step to a minimum of 500.000 € for the third step (Usually it needs around 5 years to come to step 3) 1 2 3

9 9 9 TOURISM D1/ Economical model of a promotion investment Example: European country like France for Kazakhstan Number of tourists in 2010 8 000 –Expectation with an investment of 100.000 € = 10 000 tourists* –Increase : 2 000 tourists Calculation of the turnover generated for local tourism industry –Length of stay: 15 days – 30 000 bed nights –Hotel / Restaurant / Transport / Guiding / Entrances in museum… -> 100 € / day –Local additional spending (souvenirs, drinks…) -> 20 € / day * The results are with one year delay from the investment

10 10 TOURISM D2/ Economical model of a promotion investment Estimate of the taxes (VAT. Local taxes, compan,y taxes…) –Average 15% (WTO estimation as an average taxes receipt) Taxes generated 1 € invested5 € Tax generated Return on investment 540.000 €

11 11 TOURISM E/ Indirect interest of a international promotion The best way to make a country to be known positively –By the promotion itself (catalogue – Media coverage – advertising) –By the tourists themselves coming back from the country (Word of mouth) Promoting a country shows to the potential investors the dynamism of it –In tourism (Hotels… resorts…) –But also in other sectors Thank you !


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