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Independent India & Pakistan 2011. Partition of South Asia Pakistan divided by 2,000 miles National Symbol of India.

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1 Independent India & Pakistan 2011

2 Partition of South Asia Pakistan divided by 2,000 miles National Symbol of India

3 The Largest Democracy in the world!

4 India a Parliamentary Democracy

5 Prime Minister Singh Today the PM of India is a Sikh, M. Singh. Political party that wins the majority of seats in the Parliament chose the Prime Minister! Coalitions are often needed to gain power to chose the Prime Minister.

6 India’s Parliament

7 1950- New government faced many problems. Had to establish own economy, improve education, agriculture etc. At first established a “Socialist Economy”- the government owned most business.

8 Education Only 10% of population was literate at time of Independence Less than half of all children went to school.

9 Agriculture The Green and White Revolution that made India Self-sufficient in food.

10 Prime Minister Nehru 1947 and 1962. He remains a legendary and much-loved figure in his country's early history Nehru is known as the architect of modern India. 1964: Light goes out in India as Nehru dies


12 Economic Changes Rajiv Gandhi, Indira son, was elected to replace his mother in 1984. He began leading in a direction significantly different from his mother's socialism. He begins to “open” the economy to foreign trade and allowing more individual ownership of businesses and economic resources.

13 New Liberalization Plan 1990s 1990s-Indian leaders realized that the “closed economy-socialist” wasn’t working The economy is opened to foreign investments, and more individuals own business and factories such as control of the TV stations. Now Cable TV with access to western media Rate of economic growth - 6.8 % American companies & “outsource”-software services to India- providing jobs for educated Indians.

14 Foreign companies in India

15 India’ Business Giants!

16 Outsourcing American jobs


18 The Islamic Republic of Pakistan DOB 08/14/1947



21 History Achieved independence in 1947 from India after a brutal civil war. West and East Pakistan was created. West & East Pakistan fought a war in 1971, and Bangladesh was born as result. India supported East Pakistan. Now we have Pakistan, Bangladesh and India

22 General Information Population 184.7 million Religion Islam Education 46.6 % adult literacy- There is no formal education system in country!! Languages Urdu, Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi, Balochi, Arabic Provinces Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pashtun Khoa President : Asif Ali Zardari

23 Kashmir Region

24 Why are they fighting over Kashmir? Both India and Pakistan claim the Himalayan region of Kashmir! The headwaters of the Indus River are located in Kashmir. Beautiful Mountains area! Kashmir is predominately Muslim. The ruler of Kashmir fled to India and agreed to place Kashmir under Indian rule. Pakistan & India have gone to war 3 times, now area is split between the 2 countries.

25 Livelihood


27 Leaders of Pakistan

28 Corrupt leaders; political instability & dictatorships History of leaders were either military dictatorships or so called democracies. Many say all of these leaders are corrupt and none of them help the people of Pakistan. Very poor country, no education system, weak infrastructure etc. President Zardari is called Mr. 10%- he gets 10% of everything!!!










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