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The People of One God: The Hebrews 1500- 900 B.C. A Jealous God Yahweh’s “Chosen People” A Vengeful God.

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1 The People of One God: The Hebrews 1500- 900 B.C. A Jealous God Yahweh’s “Chosen People” A Vengeful God

2 A Jealous God  Unlike the Mesopotamians the Hebrews moved out of the fertile crescent with their flocks to Canaan  2000 B.C. Abraham a shepherd was told by Yahweh (God) to move to Canaan and worship him there  Around 1,500 B.C. Israel “he who prevails with God” came to prominence as a leader of the Hebrews


4 A Jealous God  Birth of Israelites begins with Israel (1500 B.C.)  Believed that several clans eventually wandered to Egypt and assisted with Egyptian construction projects  It is believed that Israelites started out as voluntary labor but forced to stay and build Ramese II projects

5 A Jealous God  Moses (1500-1200 B.C. ?) lead this group from Egypt during Exodus “journey out” which transformed Israelites into a nation with a religious calling  Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) recorded Israelite laws, wisdom, literature and history  Stories in Bible have some historical proof because we have found ancient Hebrew cities, other people’s histories verify Biblical stories like Egyptian conquest of Israel in 1200 B.C.

6 Yahweh’s “Chosen People”  During the Exodus (1500-1200 B.C. ?) Moses entered into a covenant with Yahweh  This covenant, a special agreement, made the Israelites Yahweh’s “chosen people” on the condition of undivided worship to him and that they follow the Ten Commandments (moral laws)  Following the Ten Commandments, scripture, eating strict diet and exclusive worship of Yahweh separated Jews from others as well  Yahweh was a jealous and vengeful God who punished his followers

7 A Jealous God

8 Yahweh’s “Chosen People”  1200-1050 B.C. Israelites changed from tribal leaders to judges- charismatic leaders who united the Israelis against threats  Eventually the people felt that a king should lead the people  One of these famous kings would be King David (1000-961 B.C.) who makes Jerusalem the Israelite capital

9 Yahweh’s “Chosen People”  King Solomon (961-922 B.C.) embarked on several construction projects like The Great Temple  In order to build the Great Temple Solomon taxed the Israelite kingdom and angered the people  Judah splits from Israel and both will become enemies at times


11 The Prophets  Prophets common men who urged Jews to return to honoring the covenant and traditional Jewish law  They emerge as Israel’s conscience teaching Jews to follow their conscience to create a more ethical world  This belief of following a conscience to create a more ethical world is called Judaism

12 A Vengeful God  Numerous examples of God’s punishments  King Ahab built a temple to another God and later they were enslaved by the Babylonians, this was the “Babylonian Captivity”  Origin of Jezebel  This lead to the Diaspora were many Jews would now be living outside of their home country

13 A Vengeful God  538 B.C. the Persians conqueror the Babylonians and are tolerant towards Judaism  Jews build another temple to worship but Diaspora Jews do not return to Israel  This led to birth and focus of synagogues for Jews

14 A Vengeful God  Judaism ushered in a new religious belief that there was a single God of justice who interacted with humans in a personal and spiritual way  They believed that there was distance between them and Yahweh, and that individuals nonetheless still took more responsibility for the world around them

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