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Case Study Portable Wireless Network for Emergency Response.

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1 Case Study Portable Wireless Network for Emergency Response

2 System Components Patrol CarMobile Wireless Station Investigating Personnel Control Center

3 System Infrastructure

4 Patrol Car Data, video and audio collected by the inspecting personnel are transmitted to the patrol car via the secured wireless mesh network. Patrol Car then transmit the information to the Control Center via Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to protect data transmit over Internet Patrol Car and Mobile Wireless Stations are 2 or 3 km away. Management Software in the Patrol Car manages the Mobile Wireless Stations and portable video devices used by the investigating personnel. Sensitive data is protected by utmost security mechanisms including encryption, and authentication.

5 Mobile Station Stored in unbreakable, watertight and corrosion proof outdoor enclosure Battery charged and last for two hours. Advanced mesh feature allows all access points to be self-configuring and self-recovering, such that no configuration and maintenance is required Flexible 5.8GHz/2.4GHz dual radio design Could be carried or pull by wheels. LED display connection status

6 Portable Wireless Network The wireless network is formed by a group of Mobile Wireless Stations. Network can be quickly deployed and easily torn down No power supply or access to public network is required Self-configuring and self-recovering, zero configuration and maintenance is required Ideal for extreme whether condition Rechargeable battery can run up to 2 hours

7 Benefits of Mesh Architecture Self-Configuring and Self-recovering, automatically identifies most efficient routes In the event that any AP becomes not available, adjacent APs recalculate and establish links with each other Dual-radio design allows one radio focus on Wi-Fi access and other radio to perform mesh related tasks Minimize configuration mistakes and maximize network uptime

8 Investigating Personnel Mini video camera Portable digital video recorder Portable wireless video server Speak phone

9 Accessory Equipment Mini video camera Waterproof, shockproof Graphic display resolution :480P Portable digital video recorder Support 4G SD Card maximum Waterproof, shockproof Rechargeable battery, 2.5-inch LCD screen Video and sound input & output Portable wireless video server Waterproof design IEEE 802.b / g Auto-connecting wireless mobility base station D1 (720X480) / CIF (320X240) video output Support 820.1X data encryption Rechargeable battery Speaker phone Comply with 810C, D & E specifications. 2 minutes recording storage. Phone function / scan instructions. Bleep alarm.

10 Control Center

11 Information gathered by the patrol car is transmitted to the remote control center via Internet (3.5G). Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to protect data transmit over Internet. With the GIS map, it can show all the patrol car position, direction and speed. Retrieve all the instance video on the patrol car (including investigating personnel) Save all the driving records for retrieving in the near future Control center can use far-end method to control the recorder’s direction and zooming in the patrol car Video transmit resolution is D1(720*480) and 10 shots per second

12 Patrol Car Infrastructure

13 Speed Doom 360 degree rotation integration camera. Overhead console flip-down mounting bracket, height is only 430mm 6mm thick stainless steel materials. Comply with IP68 standard 18 or 36X optical zoom

14 Waterproof Camera for Car Use Camera for car use 2.27mm Wide Angle Lens Resolution 420 degree Waterproof IP 67 Adjustable brightness Diagonal: H:122° V:91°

15 Digital Recorder for Car Use Shockproof design, specially design for car use Input voltage 9 ~ 30V, prevent equipment breakdowns All in one design , not mainframe computer,embedded system , non-Microsoft Windows system, ensure the system stability Up to 60 shots per second Support plug and play hard disk

16 Wireless Management Station Manage all the wireless devices, including wireless base stations in the patrol car, mobile base stations, wireless video transmitter and PDA taken by investigation personnel Security mechanisms(VLAN,802.1x) are implemented Built-in RADIUS server, provide network user certification Built-in Two 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports and 8 IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet LAN ports Support Layer2, Layer3 data management Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to protect data transmit over Internet

17 System Summary Simple operation, require minimal training. The entire system can be quickly deployed and easily torn down. Digital video processing can work well with other IP devices System automatically connect, the video data can be transmit back immediately Real-time video allows many people sharing simultaneously Camera angles and multiples can be adjusted remotely in the remote area Waterproof, corrosion proof design for extreme weather conditions Scalability and extensibility, additional mobile base stations and wireless video transmitter can be added at any time.

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