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E THICS IN P SYCHOLOGY Ethics Committee Role of the Researcher Participant’s Rights.

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1 E THICS IN P SYCHOLOGY Ethics Committee Role of the Researcher Participant’s Rights

2 W HY DO WE NEED A C ODE OF E THICS IN RESEARCH ?  Protect Human (& Animal) Rights and is intended to cover ALL research and professional practice involving humans (and animals) not limited to Psychology.  To guide scientists and practitioners about which procedures or behaviours are appropriate (‘right’) or inappropriate (‘wrong’)  Ethical guidelines are issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and made a legal requirement by the Australian government through an Act of Parliament in 1992

3 C ODE OF E THICS ETHICS COMMITTEE A group of medical and non-medical professionals who review research proposals and ensure that participants’ welfare are considered in the conduct of the research. Ethics Committee Potential Benefits to SOCIETY Potential Risks to PARTICIPANTS

4 C ODE OF E THICS ROLE OF THE RESEARCHER It is the responsibility of the researcher to protect participants’ physical and psychological welfare. At no time should there be cause for severe distress to participants. In cases where this happens, the researcher must immediately stop the experiment and provide the participant access to counselling. The experimenter must act professionally and with integrity at all times, being fair and just to all participants.

5 C ODE OF E THICS PARTICIPANTS’ RIGHTS: Confidentiality and Anonymity Observations, identity of participants, individual findings are kept confidential. ENSURES TRUTHFUL RESPONSES, PROTECTS PARTICIPANTS FROM PUBLIC JUDGEMENT, MINIMIZES BIAS IN INTERPRETATION Voluntary participation Participants are not pressured to join the study. PROTECTS RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE, PREVENTS USE OF STATUS AND POWER TO COERCE INDIVIDUALS

6 C ODE OF E THICS PARTICIPANT’S RIGHTS Withdrawal rights of participants Participants can withdraw any time without negative consequences. PROTECTS PARTICIPANTS FROM RESEARCHER BACKLASH, ENSURES FREEDOM OF CHOICE Parental and/or individual Informed consent Participants are appropriately informed of the type of study, the reasons for the research, observations to be made before consent is given. Consent is documented. ENSURES FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, PREVENTS MANIPULATION BY WITHHOLDING INFORMATION, ALLOWS MAKING OF INFORMED DECISIONS

7 C ODE OF E THICS Deception Used in some cases where giving participants information about the experiment beforehand might influence their behaviour during the study and affect the accuracy of results. Debriefing – Where participants are informed of the true nature of the study once the experiment has ended. Researcher must correct any mistaken attitudes or beliefs held by the participants and explain all deception related to the conducting of the experiment. Experimenter must provide information/support about counselling services to treat possible distress due to participation in the study. Participants are given access to information about the study.

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