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Safeguarding & Protecting Children Tutor Update Day 16 th May 2012.

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1 Safeguarding & Protecting Children Tutor Update Day 16 th May 2012

2 Key topics  SPC products  Other training developments  Legislation updates  New resources  Ideas, issues, questions?

3 SPC products  Safeguarding & Protecting Children  Safeguarding & Protecting Children 2: Reflecting on practice  Safeguarding & Protecting Children 16-18  Keeping Safe in Sport; safeguarding for young volunteers (13+)  (Safeguarding & Protecting Children for officials)


5 Other training developments  Awareness raising training, e.g. Educare  Basic level training, e.g. SPC, LSCB courses  Specialist training, e.g. Time To Listen, sport specific courses for various roles

6 Legislation updates

7 All organisations providing services for children, parents or families, or working with children, should have in place: Safeguarding & Promoting Children’s Welfare Culture of listening to and consulting with children Whistle blowing procedures and culture Procedures for dealing with allegations against staff / volunteers Effective recruitment, selection & contractual procedures including safeguarding checks Clear lines of accountability Senior management commitment to safeguarding Arrangements to work with other organisations including information sharing Arrangements for staff / volunteer training Safeguarding policies including CP policy and complaints procedures in line with LSCB arrangements Priorities in strategic policy documents & commissioning strategies Understand how to work together to address online/new technology risks Working Together to Safeguard Children (2010) Section 2.11

8 Staff/volunteer Awareness / Recognition Reporting Arrangements Strategy Meeting Investigation Assessment Intervention Referral Process to Children’s Social Care or Police Info Sharing LADO involvement Statutory Agencies - Children’s Social Care, Police, LADO. Sports Organisations - NGBs, Sports Partnerships, Clubs etc Sports Organisation’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures LSCB Child Protection Policies and Procedures Child Protection Conference / Plan Criminal / Care Proceedings Complaints / Disciplinary Processes Roles and Responsibilities – Sports Organisations and Statutory Agencies © - NSPCC CPSU

9 Current CRB/ISA arrangements Eligibility and process for CRB not changed Eligibility links to same definition of Regulated Activity (role types, intensity and frequency of contact), but……. CRB and police are checking eligibility more robustly – more applications being challenged

10 Current CRB/ISA arrangements Clearer options for anyone not convinced their employer has right to seek CRB disclosure (b/w written explanation of how post is eligible) ISA still making decisions of who should be barred – children and vulnerable adults lists Organisations still have duty to refer to ISA when deeming employee or volunteer unsuitable to work with children

11 Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 When rolled out will introduce a series of changes, including: Secondary legislation needed to implement these changes Introduction merger of CRB & ISA into single Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) late 2012

12 Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Re-defined Regulated Activity (RA) Overall fewer of roles included in RA (paid & voluntary) but with legal requirement for CRB disclosure (including barred status) Wider group of roles (the remainder of current RA) eligible for CRB disclosure but not barred status information CRB disclosures to be issued to applicant only, though… Registered Body to be informed when check is issued and if it is clear

13 Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Supervised individuals not in RA – definition: ‘such day to day supervision as is reasonable in all the circumstances for the purpose of protecting any children concerned’ Option for individuals to register for Criminal Records Status Check service With individual’s permission allows employers to check CRB disclosure status (not details) online Annual subscription fee (tba); cost (if any) to volunteers tba Guidance to be issued

14 Current system Current definition of Regulated Activity (RA) permits but does not legally require sports organisations to undertake CRB checks (including barring status) as part of safe practice.

15 Proposed system (2013 on) Revised definition of RA. CRB & barring check (children and/or VA) becomes a legal requirement Present definition of RA: -Eligible for CRB check but not barring check -Children and/or vulnerable adult Criminal Records Status Check available for both groups but only at equivalent levels

16 Good practice in safe recruitment includes:  Job/role description and person specification  Clear communication about expectations  Interview and references  Self declaration form } where  CRB check } relevant  Induction  Probationary period

17 Additional vulnerability Elite athletes Athletes from minority ethnic groups Deaf and disabled athletes

18 Safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport NSPCC multimedia learning resource for sports clubs and organisations Supports organisations fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities towards deaf and disabled participants

19 Ideas? Issues? Questions?

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