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Maya Civilization World Studies.

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1 Maya Civilization World Studies

2 What are the five characteristics of civilization?
Bell-Ringer What are the five characteristics of civilization? Advanced cities Specialized workers Complex institutions Record keeping Advanced technology

3 Write a description of the relative location of the Maya Civilization
The Maya lived in the southern part of ________________. They would have lived in the modern countries of… Their empire stretched from southern Mexico to…_________between the__________ and the ____________.

4 Relative Location


6 Cities Palenque-Mexico Tikal-Guatemala Chichen Itza-Mexico




10 Tikal

11 Tikal Tikal was an advanced city. Tikal was a city-state.
Tikal was in northern Guatemala. 50,000 people lived in Tikal. Tikal had pyramids. Tikal had temples. Tikal had palaces. Tikal had a ball court.

12 Complex Institutions City-states were independent.
City-states had alliances. City-states exchanged goods. City-states traded flint and feathers. City-states traded shells and honey. City-states traded salt and cotton.


14 Agriculture & Trade The Maya grew maize, beans, and squash.
The Maya used farming techniques. The Maya used slash and burn. The Maya used raised beds. The Maya used hillside terraces.

15 Maya Calendar

16 Technology The Maya developed two calendars.
The Maya developed a religious calendar. The Maya developed a solar calendar. The religious calendar had 260 days. The solar calendar had days. The calendars were linked together. Mayan astronomers were fascinated with the planet Venus and its movement.



19 Specialized Workers


21 Record Keeping

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