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Global Cultures.

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1 Global Cultures

2 Elements of Culture Culture – the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs Elements of Culture Language Religion Social Groups Government Economic Activities Culture Regions Cultural Change

3 Language Language allows people to communicate and pass on cultural values and traditions A shared language is one of the strongest unifying forces for a culture Dialect – a local version of a language that differs slightly from the main language Boston Deep South

4 Religion Religious beliefs vary significantly around the world
Religious differences can often lead to conflict, but religious similarities tie people together

5 Social Groups Family – people who are biologically related
Social classes – groups of people based on wealth, education, ancestry, etc. Ethnic group – people who share a common language, history, and place of origin.

6 Government All governments have certain common traits:
Maintains order within the country Provides protection from outside dangers Supplies services to the people Governments are typically organized by region (local, regional, national) and by type of authority (one ruler, a group of leaders, etc.)

7 Culture Regions Geographers have divided the earth into several culture regions Culture regions may share similar economic systems, forms of government, social groups, religions, histories, etc.




11 Cultural Change Cultures change over time through a process called cultural diffusion Example – The Agricultural Revolution Around 10,000 years ago humans began to stop roaming the land and began to settle down. They started planting crops and became farmers The Agricultural Revolution

12 Culture Hearths Culture hearths are where the world’s first civilizations began The world’s main culture hearths include what is now Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, China, and Mexico. All 5 of these areas had similar characteristics that made them suitable for starting a civilization: fertile land and near a source of water Civilizations


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