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Apple iPad A Video Presentation By Jessica Y. Green.

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3 Apple iPad A Video Presentation By Jessica Y. Green

4 NEED What problem or need existed that gave rise to your innovation? #1 -To keep the company (Apple) at the forefront of the computer manufacturing industry #2 - To be used in a variety of areas to offer an all-in-one package for connectivity, computing, gaming, and any other task you might think of” (Kessler, 2010). #3 - To replace the netbook and laptop

5 To support Point #1… Kessler (2010) says “The majority of Apple's advancements have seen a number of imitations crop up from other manufacturers, but Apple's solid implementations have keep them ahead of the game.”

6 Before the iPad, there had been numerous attempts at developing the next “smaller and lighter” product. RESEARCH What research organization or people developed a solution to this problem or need? What were their findings? Who were the “lead thinkers” for this innovation, and how did they convince a manufacturer to produce it? With the iPad, Apple “attempts to blend all the recent advancements in modern computing into one product” (Kessler, 2010).

7 DEVELOPMENT What problems did your innovation encounter in the development process? Who was the intended audience for your innovation? Every one of all ages are the intended target audience for the Apple iPad, as it has the capability to offer something for everyone. Consider these audiences: – the person who rarely uses a computer, – the person who are absolutely into gadgets and new technologies, – ebook reader owners, – iPhone and iPod Touch users, – Mac owners

8 COMMERCIALIZATION Describe the production, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of your innovation. Information taken from IHS iSuppli, a market research firm : iPad 2 Breakdown Estimates, according to All Things Digital: Wireless Baseband Chip$26.88 Intel (AT&T) and Qualcomm (Verizon) A5 Processor Chip$14.00 Samsung Touch-screen Display$127.00 LG Flash and DRAM Memory$65.70 Toshiba Gyroscope and Accelerometer$29.00 STMicroelectronics -Estimated breakdown cost $262.58


10 S-Curve Explanation… From the day of its unveiling until the introduction of the second generation iPad (iPad2), the iPad stayed at the top of the table computer market. Apple’s first tablet computer, the iPad was announced on January 27, 2010, available for pre-order on March 12, 2010, and came out on the market on April 3, 2010. Apple reportedly sold roughly 300,000 iPads on launch day alone (Etherington, 2011). Revenue rose to $16 billion last quarter, a 61% increase than last year, with over 3 million iPads sold from April to June (“Apple Reports,” 2010). – “Apple announces that 3.27 million iPad were sold during Apple’s third financial quarter of 2010” on July 20, 2010. By October 18 of that same year, “Apple sells 4.19 million iPads during its fourth financial quarter of 2010” (Etheringtron, 2011). By January 18, 2011, Apple has sold 7.33 million iPads during the first quarter of its 2011 financial year (Etheringron, 2011).

11 KNOWLEDGE Over the years the computer industry has taken a variety of turns, with numerous trends and speculation on where technology will go. Many advancements have helped the industry; however, they all essentially took the same existing concepts and made them faster. In contrast, Apple's contributions have been key steps forward in how we use our computers. In order to create its tablet, Apple had to ride a wave of consumer-readiness and incorporated the technologies and approaches to computing that have come to define computing in the modern era (Kessler, 2010).

12 PERSUASION Apple’s financial statements reveal that consumers have formed a favorable attitude towards the innovation of the iPad and iPad2. – Apple revealed that it posted a record revenue of ~$29 billion and record quarterly net profit of $7.31 billion – Apple sold 9.25 million iPads this quarter and this is a 183% increase over the year- ago quarter (“Apple’s profit soars, 2011”).

13 DECISION Tablet computers will see an explosion in sales over the next four years, selling 60% as many units as PCs by 2015 – and Apple's iPad will still have almost half the market by then, says the research group Gartner (Arthur, 2011).

14 IMPLEMENTATION There are many different uses of the Apple iPad, including checking email, searching the Web, watching videos and movies, playing games, downloading applications, reading e-books, etc.

15 CONFIRMATION Identified issues can be a ‘deal breaker’ for those who are looking into purchasing the iPad1 or 2. Issues include: – No multitasking capabilities – No Adobe Flash – No USB, Need Adapters – Touch Keyboard

16 Where Can You Purchase an iPad? Best Buy WalMart Target Verizon Wireless AT&T

17 References Apple’s profit soars with 125% growth in iPhone sales and 183% growth in iPad Sales. (2011). Retrieved October 7, 2011 from iphone-sales-and-183-growth-in-ipad-sales/ iphone-sales-and-183-growth-in-ipad-sales/ Apple reports record earnings. MoneyWatch News. (2010). Retrieved October 13, 2011 from News-07202010-346611306 News-07202010-346611306 Anderson, B. (2010). 14 problems with apple's ipad leading to failure. Retrieved October 5, 2011 from ipad-leading-failure ipad-leading-failure Arthur, C. (2011). iPad to dominate tablet sales until 2015 as growth explodes, says Gartner. Retrieved October 6, 2011 from ipad ipad Ertherington, D. (2011). The unlikely story of the ipad, one year in. Retrieved October 13, 2011 from iPad 2 teardown: Where the parts come from; how much they’re worth. (n.d.). Retrieved October 5, 2011 from 2-teardown-where-parts-come-from.html 2-teardown-where-parts-come-from.html

18 Kessler, T. (2010). Apple's latest creation: It's an ipad! Retrieved October 5, 2011 from 13727_7-10442722-263.html 13727_7-10442722-263.html White, K. (2011). The unveiling of apple's ipad tablet. Retrieved October 5, 2011 from,29307,1957124_202 9812,00.html,29307,1957124_202 9812,00.html References, continued…

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