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IBM Storwize v3700 More performance. More efficiency. No compromises.

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1 IBM Storwize v3700 More performance. More efficiency. No compromises.
Lic. Nicolás Goicoechea – CTSS Storage Systems Agosto 2013 IBM Storwize v More performance. More efficiency. No compromises.

2 Storwize v3700 Overview Over the past eight years, technology – in its widest sense – has progressively risen on CEOs’ radar. It now ranks as the number-one factor impacting organizations. How do we know this? Because we talked to CEO’s – 1700 of the them. Our biannual (every 2 years) IBM Institute for Business Value study, now in its eight year, is based on 1,700 face-to-face interviews with CEOs and public sector leaders in 64 countries across 18 industries, making it the largest study of its kind. For the first time in its 8-year history, business leaders across all industries and countries identified technology as the most important external force impacting their organizations. These business leaders are asking urgent, perceptive questions that used to considered the exclusive realm of the IT office. Questions like, Is your infrastructure optimized for the greatest efficiency of all your resources? Does your infrastructure provide rich, actionable insight? Does your infrastructure leverage new technologies – mobile, social, cloud – to deliver an excellent customer experience at every touch point? TRANSITION: Yet underlying each of these questions is a more fundamental one…

3 Storwize client solutions
Entry-Level Storwize Announcement Timeline IBM Storwize V7000 IBM Storwize V7000 Unified IBM Storwize V3700 October 2010 October 2011 November 2012

4 Meet the Storwize family
Family of storage systems and storage virtualization systems One code base on all platforms One set of functions (selectively licensed) One user interface One Command Line Interface SAN Volume Controller Flex System V7000 Storwize V7000 Unified Storwize V7000 Storwize V3700 4

5 IBM Storwize V3700 announcement overview: October 2012
Storwize entry-level client solution Enclosures contains up to twelve LFF (3.5”) or twenty-four SFF (2.5”) drives in just 2U Control enclosure: dual active-active controllers and drives 8 GB Cache (4 GB per controller) standard; optional upgrade to 16 GB 1Gb/s iSCSI & 6Gb/s host ports standard plus optional 1Gb iSCSI / 6Gb SAS / 8Gb FC / 10Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE interface upgrades. Expansion enclosure: Up to four expansion enclosures attach to one control enclosure Up to 120 SFF or 60 LFF drives for up to 180 TB raw capacity Mix drive sizes and HDD/SSD in same enclosure Dual-active expansion canisters RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10 Redundant, hot-swappable components (i.e., power supplies and fans) FlashCopy (64 FlashCopy targets included, optional upgrade to 2040 targets) Thinprovisioning Easy Tier (opcional) Turbo Performance (opcional) Remote Mirror (opcional)

6 IBM Storwize V3700 photo view
Storwize entry-level client solution 2U - 24 Drive Enclosure Front - 2U 12 Drive Enclosure Designed for data Back – Control enclosure Back – Expansion Enclosure 6

7 IBM Storwize V3700 Connectivity Options SAS 6Gb iSCSI 1Gb FC 8Gb 7

8 Storwize V3700 drive options
Drives of same form-factor may be freely intermixed without limitation in an enclosure SAS 15K SAS 10K NL SAS 7.2k SDD Capacidad 146 GB 300 GB 500GB 600 GB 900 GB 1 TB 1.2 TB 2TB y 3TB 200GB 400GB

9 Internal Virtualization
Storwize V3700: Efficient by design Internal Virtualization Enables rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes Enables non-disruptive movement of data among tiers of storage, including Easy Tier Enables data placement optimization to improve performance Complements virtualized servers and cloud strategy FlashCopy (64 de base, Opcional upgrade a 2040 Flashcopies) Create instant application copies for backup or application testing Make better use of space with incremental (only changed blocks) or space-efficient (thin provisioned) snapshots Help to reduce space required for copies FlashCopy Manager (opcional) Integrated, instant copy for critical applications Virtually eliminate backup windows Rapidly create clones for application testing View inventory of application copies and instantly restore 9 9

10 Storwize V3700: Self Optimizing
Thin Provisioning (incluido) Thin provisioning More productive use of available storage. Across all supported host platforms. Improve storage utilization by enabling applications to consuming only the space they are using Dynamic growth Without thin provisioning, pre-allocated space is reserved whether the application uses it or not. With thin provisioning, applications can grow dynamically, but only consume space they are actually using. IBM Easy Tier SSD Management (opcional) Busiest portions of data identified and automatically relocated to high performance solid-state drives Remaining data can take advantage of higher capacity disk drives SSDs HDDs SSDs HDDs Automatic Relocation Hot-spots due to poor data layout. Optimized performance and throughput.

11 Start Small and Grow Easily
Storwize V3700: Cloud Agile Start Small and Grow Easily Start small One 24-bay control enclosure Scale Up Easily add up to 4 expansion enclosures Expand capacity up to 120 drives Start small, expand easily Transparent data movement Efficiently manage technology upgrades and lease terminations by transparently moving application data from legacy disk arrays to the new system. Reduce migration elapsed time from weeks or months to days One-way Data Migration (incluido) Legacy Network Application server

12 IBM Storwize V3700: Graphical User Interface Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface hides complexity
Based on Storwize V7000 GUI Browser-based can be accessed from any platform Complexity hidden with presets but available for advanced users Launch in-context with IBM Systems Director integrates server/storage management Easy navigation between screens guides users to next step Provision a volume in as few as six clicks Setup system in a few clicks Initial set up in minutes 12

13 For IBM and IBM Business Partner education only
For IBM and IBM Business Partner education only. Not intended for distribution to customers or other third parties.

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