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WEBINAR Provisions for cyclists 06/06/2012 Marius Homocianu, City of Iasi.

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1 WEBINAR Provisions for cyclists 06/06/2012 Marius Homocianu, City of Iasi

2 Slide title Background & Objectives How was modal split for cycling and cycling conditions in your cities before the measures were implemented? Before the implementation of the measure 59 “City Cycle Routes”, Iasi didn’t express a particular interest in bicycle use – no cycling infrastructure, no campaign promoting bicycle use as an alternative transport mode The use of bicycle was insignificant - around 1% of the total number of trips were effectuated using bicycle, especially by pupils and students The objective of the measure - to encourage people to use the bicycle as an alternative mode of transport for their trips, in order to reduce the traffic and pollution CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

3 Slide title Challenges What are the main challenges for cycling in your cities (e.g. cultural, physical obstacles, etc.)? Change people’s transport behaviour, oriented towards modes of transport like the private car or public transport – through the education and promotion campaign of bicycle use, combined with the implementation of School travel plans, we obtained a significant improvement in this regard Some difficulties for cycling in certain zones of the city, generated by the relief conditions or the urban arrangement The safety of cyclists – problem partially solved by the construction of the bike trail CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

4 Slide title Implementation How are the challenges addressed (the measure)? The construction of a bike trail, which incorporates bicycle parking places and special colored street markings to indicate the bicycle route The bicycle use promotional campaign, which consists of two major components: - organizing events for promoting bicycle use - school education and media promotion campaign for using the bicycle CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

5 Slide title Results What are the results of the implementation of the measure (e.g. change in modal split, extension of cycling network, introduction of “soft measures”, etc.)? Cycle route constructed (10,784.50 m) Cycling promotion campaign “BICICOOLTURA” realized: - events organized, with important participation of citizens: the opening of the bike trail, TRIAL Contests, Bike orientation contest, The whole family on green wheels contest - promotional materials distributed in 11 High Schools and 5 Universities: 10.000 flyers, 5000 note books, 2000 school time tables, 1000 inscribed pens, 1000 brochures, 1000 inscribed t- shirts, 400 inscribed cyclists water bottles, 400 inscribed backpacks - radio promotion, TV promotion, publicity in newspapers and two press conferences CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

6 Slide title Results The level of awareness and acceptance indicators increased The number of cyclists, counted within 3 hours in the morning and 1,5 hours in the afternoon, passing through a point on the cycle lane, increased from 111 in October 2010 to 148 in October 2011 The use of bicycle among pupils and students in their home – school trips increased from 1% before implementation to 8% after implementation CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

7 Slide title Conclusion Objectives achieved Given the success of this type of measure, ARCHIMEDES demonstrated the opportunity of continuing the bicycle use promotion campaign and extending the cycling infrastructure These conclusions lead to the development of a global mobility strategy, which involves a set of measures and correlated policies of transport and urbanism, a component of this strategy being the extension of the cycle infrastructure in the city, by the construction of two new bike trails CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012

8 Slide title CIVITAS Webinar 06/06/2012 Thank you Marius Homocianu contact

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