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1 Learning Suite™
Available at Arcadia Public Library Welcome and thank you for joining me today to learn more about Arcadia Public Library’s online learning and career services program from

2 “I am having a lot of trouble in math and this has helped me a great deal. My parents cannot afford a private tutor, so this has been a great help to me!!” Quote from student Describe why your library chooses to provide educational support and homework help resources to the community. Include anecdotal stories, if you have them. Why is a meaningful resource for your community?

3 The Learning Suite Help When You are Stuck
How do I solve … 3x - 4 = 0? x=?? How do I find atomic mass? How confident do you feel that you could sufficiently answer the questions above for a student needing help? Have any parents had trouble helping with math homework? What about answering other questions, like: How do I solve equations with variables on both sides? I need help understanding Brown Vs. Board of Education. Could you help me prepare for a test on chemical foundations I need help explaining quotes from the book, “A Separate Peace.” Can you help me check the grammar in my paper on Martin Luther King, Jr.? I am studying for my GED exam. Can you help? The Arcadia Public Library partners with to provide help for students asking questions just like every day. That means parents and students can avoid the stress that often accompanies homework time. You also have to look no further than the Arcadia Public Library for help. Students that use, either in the library or from the library’s website can receive individualized educational support from qualified, certified, subject-matter expert tutors each and every day. By the end of this presentation I feel pretty confident that you’ll say – wow, I wish I had when I was a kid –because makes this problem and science homework or writing a research paper or creating a professional resume or preparing for the GED a whole lot easier for students of all ages. Each student has an expert tutor working with them and helping them get their work done. And all they need is their library card, a computer with Internet access and a question. Can you review my resume?

4 “Wish I had known about this program last year
“Wish I had known about this program last year. Would have saved a lot of yelling. Going to use you from now on when I do not understand her homework.” -- Parent

5 About was founded in 1998 and is the leading provider of one-to-one, on-demand online learning and information solutions. The Learning Suite is offered at more than 1800 public libraries and sites across the U.S. and Canada. More than 4.5 Million Live Homework Help Sessions to date More than 1,000,000 Live Homework Help sessions projected for the next school year alone! 95% of Live Homework Help users say they would recommend the service to friends. Available statewide in Kansas, Alaska, Alabama, and Rhode Island.

6 “Once again this Tutor site never lets me down
“Once again this Tutor site never lets me down! I am very relieved my Library offers such a great contact. I do not know what I would do without all the great people helping me out when I need it! Thank you!” Let’s take a look at what makes up the service receiving this student accolade.

7 The Learning Suite What is it?
On-demand educational and career assistance. Homework Help, Test Prep, Basic Skills, Research, Writing, Career Search Safe, secure one-to-one live connections with real tutors and career specialists. Centered around the individual needs of each user. Math, Science, Social Studies and English. K-12, college students and adults. On demand educational assistance – is available every day from 5pm to 10pm. Users receive educational assistance on the day it is needed. No need to make an appointment. One to one live connections… – The Learning Suite contains Live Homework Help® for students and LiveTutor,™ for college level and adult users. Here students can bring a question directly to a live tutor for individual help. Yes, the tutors are real people, subject matter experts. Each session is anonymous. Students only know a tutor’s first name and last initial. Tutors only know the student’s grade and subject chosen for help. Homework Help, Test Prep… - the Learning Suite contains access to not only live tutors, but the SkillsCenter Resource Library, a robust collection of educationally sound, vetted self-help resources arranged by topic and searchable by keyword. Individualized to the needs of each student – Live Homework Help tutors match their tutoring style and the pacing of the lesson to meet the needs of each individual. Tutors never do the work for the student, but provide exactly the instruction and support needed as students do the work themselves. Each session is brought to an educationally sound conclusion, that is, the tutor ensures the student has a complete understanding of the topic before the session ends. For K-12 students and adults… - tutors can help students in Kindergarten – 12th grade, students in college or community college, and adults going back to school or needing a refresher on a subject matter question, studying for the GED, taking the Citizenship test, or writing a resume! Accessible from any internet-enabled PC or MAC – the Learning Suite is available via the internet via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. with the use of Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight is a free, cross-platform browser plugin available directly from the co-brand page, if it has not already been downloaded on the student’s computer. Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Writing – Students can find math help for Elementary Math, Middle Grades or Basic Math, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, and Statistics. Students can find Science help for Elementary Science, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Students can find help with history questions, geography questions, and social studies questions with Social Studies. Students can find English help for Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, and Literature. In addition, Adult Learners can find help with all of the above, plus specialized resources for resume writing and job search, GED prep, and Citizenship test prep. Accessible from any internet enabled PC or Mac. Accessible in the English or Spanish language.

8 Help for All Ages The Learning Suite contains three Centers: STUDENT CENTER for students K-12, COLLEGE CENTER for students in community college, college intro subjects, or pursuing their GED, those who need job search help or help with writing, and CAREER CENTER for adults who may be going back to school, have subject matter questions, need help with resume-writing, studying for a Citizenship test or GED. Each center contains two distinct environments, The connection to a live tutor via Live Homework Help® for Students or LiveTutor™ for College Students and Adults, and the the SkillsCenter Resource Library, which contains vetted, educationally sound resources that are arranged by topic and searchable by keyword

9 Help for All Ages Live Homework Help®/Live Tutor™ ProofPoint ™
Student and tutor use chat, interactive whiteboards and file-sharing in a secure online classroom to work on algebra homework, chemistry concepts, standardized test prep and more. After each session, students can replay and the session, or print the transcript and whiteboards. ProofPoint ™ Student and tutor collaborate in real time on reports, essays and papers. Tutors explain the writing and proofreading process so students learn skills for future assignments. SkillsCenter ™ Resource Library Students access worksheets, videos and other resources 24/7 to work on independently, as well as links to standardized exams in all 50 states.

10 The Learning Suite at Arcadia Public Library
Arcadia Public Library 20 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, CA 91006 Live Homework Help® available: Daily, 5-10pm SkillsCenter™ Resource Library available 24/7 Go to:

11 Logging On On the Library Home Page, click on the link above to visit the Live Homework Help page to find out more about using, then click on the link below on that page to login to with your Library Card ID.

12 Getting Started Live Homework Help® SkillsCenter™ (24/7) ProofPoint™
After you’ve clicked on the icon from our website or our in-library computers, you’ll see a page that looks like this. College students and Adult Learners can access their specific centers using the buttons at the top left of the screen. To connect to a tutor, select your subject on the left to get started. To use the SkillsCenter, click on your subject or do a keyword search. ProofPoint™

13 SkillsCenter™ Search by Key Term Or pick your subject and topic.

14 Connecting to a Tutor Pre-session Survey
Use the blanks in the pre-session survey to give the tutor some more information before the session starts. Students must choose a grade level and subject, then indicate how much help is needed by selecting a choice from a pull-down menu. Students can also indicate what they’d like the tutor to help them do, for example: solve a problem, research a topic, proofread a paper, etc.). Students may also enter their question, draw it on a whiteboard, and/or upload a file. All of this information helps the tutor get up to speed with the student’s need and provide targeted help very quickly. Clicking the Connect button places the student in the queue to be connected to the next available tutor. Students can use the SkillsCenter resources or minimize the screen and continue working on the internet while waiting a few minutes (average 5 minutes) for the tutor. The online classroom will become most prominent on the computer screen and the student will hear a tone, indicating the tutor has entered the online classroom and is ready to begin the session.

15 The Online Classroom Chat/Avatars Whiteboard Drawing Tools and Objects
Screenshots of online classroom – may consider using a demo resource here instead, such as: Demo video – available from your library’s live co-brand page Session replays – available from the Client Resource Center Live session with a tutor – available through your library’s service, during your program open hours Live session with a specially reserved demo tutor – available for presentations outside of your program open hours. Contact your Client Services Manager at least one week in advance to schedule. Drawing Tools and Objects

16 The Online Classroom File Sharing (ProofPoint) Webpage Sharing
Screenshots of sharing a file and sharing a web page within the online classroom. File Sharing: Only non-executable files are allowed for computer safety and virus prevention reasons Students can share files with the tutor for work in real time (essays, resumes, creative writing, science projects, history reports, etc.) Tutors can share files with students, as well (extra practice worksheets, other resources) Students will be reminded to remove identifying information from documents before they’re shared Tutors can share only vetted, educationally sound resources. Web sharing: Web pages are shared as resources in the context of a session Tutors can share only vetted, educationally sound web pages Students can share web pages with the tutor The web page appears in the online classroom and a hyperlinked URL also appears in the chat log so students can save the website for future reference

17 “My tutor was AWESOME! he helped me through a problem i thought was nearly impossible and made me feel a lot more comfortable with trig!” The following slides are transcripts from actual sessions and show examples of the type of targeted, individualized help that students receive from tutors.

18 Sample session: Guided Practice
(Tutor): How can I help you in English today? (Customer): well i need 20 hours of tutoring for school.. i'm going into 9th grade and they require 20 hours. Can you help? (Tutor): Yes, the tutors will all be glad to help. (Tutor): What would you like to cover today? (Customer): ok cool (Customer): but i have no idea where to start (Tutor): What did you have trouble with last school year? (Customer): well with some grammer and essay writing but i dont have specific questions i just need a review if u know what i mean? (Tutor): Alright, would you like to go over some grammar today? (Customer): sure (Tutor): Okay. (Tutor): Let me bring up some examples to help us. (Customer): okay! (Tutor):   (Tutor): How about if we start with parts  of speech and parts of the sentence.  Do you remember the names of the parts of a sentence? (Customer): im pretty good at this – subject, predicate, (Tutor): Maybe you could identify the parts of the sentence below as I point to them. (Customer):  The is an article or adjective.  First is an adjective. Sentence is a noun and the subject. Contains is a verb and the predicate. (Tutor): Very good. Yes, this is pretty easy. You know your basic parts of speech and parts of the sentence. Let’s move on to more challenging sentences. (Customer): Great! (Customer): well i need 20 hours of tutoring for school.. i'm going into 9th grade and they require 20 hours. Can you help? (Tutor): Very good. Yes, this is pretty easy. You know your basic parts of speech and parts of the sentence. Let’s move on to more challenging sentences. In this example, showing guided practice, a student connects to an English tutor only with a request of help meeting a goal of 20 hours of tutoring. The tutor immediately begins questioning the student and finds some subject matter that is applicable and that session is spent productively working on grammar. What’s more, this student could document the tutoring session by printing a copy, replaying, or ing a link to him/herself, a parent, or a teacher.

19 Sample session: Observation and Feedback
Guest (Customer): Hi! I'm in 7th Grade Advanced Math and we're working on mixed fractions. I can't figure out why I'm getting so many wrong but some right. For example, how do I get the answer to 3 1/ /5? (My Mom is typing this). Thanks! John C (Tutor): Alright, do you want to write the problem on the whiteboard? Guest (Customer): Yes! John C (Tutor): Here let me write it John C (Tutor): Alright, do you know what the first step is? Guest (Customer): I think so. The first step is to find a common demoninator? John C (Tutor): Well, that is a step, but we should probably convert what we have into fractions John C (Tutor): That way they will be easier to work with Guest (Customer): Okay. I'll do that. One moment. John C (Tutor): Sure, Guest (Customer): I get 19/6 - 28/5 John C (Tutor): Yes, thats what I get also John C (Tutor): alright, now we do have to find a common denominatorh Guest (Customer): Common demoninator for both is 30. Stand by for new fractions... John C (Tutor): alright :) Guest (Customer): I get 95/ /30 John C (Tutor): I dont get 156/30 John C (Tutor): How did you get 156? Guest (Customer): Ok. One moment. I multiplied wrong. It should be John C (Tutor): Oh, alright Guest (Customer): So, now I'm going to subtract John C (Tutor): right :) Guest (Customer): I get -73/30 John C (Tutor): It seems like you know what you're doing, maybe the reason you are getting some wrong is simply some small multiplication errors. John C (Tutor): yes, thats what I get. Guest (Customer): Hi! I'm in 7th Grade Advanced Math and we're working on mixed fractions. I can't figure out why I'm getting so many wrong but some right. John C (Tutor): It seems like you know what you're doing, maybe the reason you are getting some wrong is simply some small multiplication errors. In this example of observation and feedback, the student comes to the tutor and states he/she is having difficulty with mixed fractions. The tutor jumps to work and determines that the student actually knows the algorithm for the mixed fractions operation very well, but is getting the problems incorrect because of some multiplication errors. That’s individualized help, just in time, and very meaningful to the success of the student.

20 “As a parent, I love knowing there is a safe place for my child to look up info as well as get help with her work, that doesn't just give her the answers. Thank you so much for this service.”

21 About the Tutors Carefully screened experts
We have thousands of tutors, all of whom are carefully screened experts and include certified teachers, college professors, graduate students, select undergraduates from accredited universities and other professionals. They are based in the U.S. and Canada. Work with one student at a time Our tutors provide help, never answers. Through high-quality, targeted tutoring , each student works with a tutor in our one-to-one online classroom and receives a high quality learning experience. The tutor and student work together on an assignment and the results are more confidence, completed assignments and improved grades. Safe, quality sessions ensures the highest standards of expertise, safety, and quality. Tutor and student work in a secure online classroom and no personal information is exchanged between tutors and students, ever. Tutors are also assigned mentors who regularly review their sessions. Extensive certification process Tutors must complete a rigorous application and certification process (testing on subject matter, a final exam and mock tutoring sessions) and pass an extensive third-party background check. Quality begins with great tutors. Both and Arcadia Public Library take quality very, very seriously. Every time a student uses the Learning Suite, we want them to leave with their problem solved, their confidence boosted and an appreciation for learning. How do we do this? It isn’t easy but the end results are worth it. It all begins with finding and supporting the best tutors. You know there is nothing more important than student safety online, and agrees. That’s why tutors are background checked and we have the most comprehensive quality controls and management process in the industry. Tutors also submit teaching and writing samples and conduct sessions with one of our mentors to show not only that they know the content that their teaching but also can manage the online classroom effectively for students.

22 Ten Tutoring Principles
Each student is important. Treat students with respect. Provide correct information. Match your tutoring style to the student’s learning style. Meet the student’s needs. Involve the student in the learning process. Stay attuned to the student’s needs. Respect the student’s time. Provide high quality help for everyone. Provide positive reinforcement. This slide lists the ten principles that guide every tutor during every single session. Note the emphasis on the importance of not only respecting the individual, the individual’s needs, and their time, but meeting the student’s specific needs in tutoring style, involving the student in the learning process, and providing high quality help with positive reinforcement. This works for every learner. Even young students who may be just building their technology awareness, teens, college students, or adults who may be nervous going back to school or working on their resume to search for a job after all that time, tell us time and time again that they actually understand, they actually learned, and they “cannot live without” the help that the tutors provide.

23 “This is a great way to build up my confidence and make sure I have everything down!!! I am very glad I have this service for when I need help!!! :)”

24 The Learning Suite at Arcadia Public Library
For more information, contact: Jackie Faust-Moreno Arcadia Public Library 20 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, CA 91006 (626) Live Homework Help® available: Daily, 5-10pm SkillsCenter™ Resource Library available 24/7 Go to: Include contact information, or delete this slide.

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