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Research Paper Mrs. Hobbs.

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1 Research Paper Mrs. Hobbs

2 10 steps to a good Research Paper
Step 1= choose your topics; narrow it down, broad but not too broad Step 2= locate information reference sources= encyclopedia, almanacs, scholarly journals, books, magazines, newspapers, internet Step 3= Prepare the bibliography cards Step 4= Prepare the notecards

3 Steps to research paper
Step 5= Prepare an outline (step ladder format I (topic) A. (subtopic) 1. (detail) a. (subdetail)


5 Step 6= Write a rough draft Step 7= Revise your rough draft
Step 8= Prepare your bibliography Step 9= Prepare the title page and table of contents Step 10= Final Check list Title page?, table of contents?, pages # correctly?, quotations and major resources?, bibliography?, second copy for files?

6 BIBLIOGRAPHY CARDS You must locate 5 separate sources for your research paper (2 of them need to come from books as opposed to internet) 5 separate cards that list:

7 Bibliography Cards Source type: encyclopedias, almanacs, scholarly journals, books, magazines, newspapers, or internet Author’s last name Author’s first name and middle initial Year published Title of the article/book Journal/Magazine name (for scholarly journals) Page numbers Who published the book url address for internet source

8 “WORD FOR WORD text from source” Place in quotation marks
INDEX CARDS- FRONT Your Name “WORD FOR WORD text from source” Place in quotation marks Title of work Page number

9 INDEX CARDS BACK -Paraphrasing of the front quote- use your own words
-CITATION OF SOURCE in MLA format DIRECTLY FOLLOWING YOUR OWN WORDS! MLA format Most: (Author’s last name pg #)(Hobbs 10)- for a book with one author NO AUTHOR ("Impact of Global Warming" 6). TITLE PAGE # WEBSITE (Author’s last name “title of work”)

10 INDEX CARDS 20 index cards with front and back completed
Each note card gets one fact Quote text is copied from the original document word for word Paraphrase: rewriting the original text in your own words- don’t just rearrange the words Summary: shortening the text, keeping the important information but placing it in your own words

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