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The ISO/IEC 20000 family Lynda Cooper Co-author ISO20000 Project editor ISO20000 part 1 Principal UK Expert to ISO group ITIL Expert.

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1 The ISO/IEC 20000 family Lynda Cooper Co-author ISO20000 Project editor ISO20000 part 1 Principal UK Expert to ISO group ITIL Expert

2 ©Service 20000 Agenda  The past  The present  The future  Relationships to other standards and frameworks  The journey to Certification  Qualifications

3 ©Service 20000 ISO 20000 – The Past  1995/1998 - A code of practice for Service Management  BS 15000:2000 - Specification for Service Management  PD0015:2000 IT Service Management: Self-assessment Workbook  2000 – 2002 Early adopters trials  BS 15000-1:2002  ITSMF Certification scheme - Nov 2003  ISO/IEC 20000 Parts 1 and 2 – Dec 2005

4 ISO20000 The present

5 ©Service 20000 IT Service Management Framework With acknowledgement of BSI, OGC and ITSMF Or other guidance

6 ©Service 20000 ISO 20000 Process Model

7 ISO20000 The Future

8 ©Service 20000 The ISO20000 series  Part 1 revised – 2011 Closer alignment to ISO9001 Closer alignment to ITIL version 3 Design of services introduced Other improvements from user feedback  Part 2 revised – 2012 Intent Concept Explanation of requirements Documents and records Authorities and responsibilities Interfaces  Part 3 – applicability and scope – 2009 Replaces ITSMF guidelines on scoping To be built into certification scheme  Part 5 - Exemplar implementation plan – 2010  Maturity model PRM - Part 4 and PAM - Part 8 – 2011

9 ©Service 20000 Resolution processesRelationship processes Service Management System SMS general requirements Design, development and transition of new or changed services Act Check Do Plan Control processes Service delivery processes Incident management & request fulfilment Problem management Business relationship management Supplier management Configuration management Change management Release and deployment management Capacity management Service continuity & availability management Service level management Service reporting Information security management Budgeting & accounting for services Management responsibility Plan, operate, monitor and improve service management Governance of processes operated by other parties Documentation management Resource management Revised process diagram Requirements Customers (and other Interested parties ) Services Customers (and other Interested parties )

10 ©Service 20000 Related initiatives at ISO level  Study group into governance of IT service providers  Study group, initiated by India, into standards/guidelines required by IT enabled BPO  Guidelines to implementing ISO20000 and ISO27001 together  ISO20000 to be mapped to ITIL, COBIT and other ISO related standards

11 ©Service 20000 Applying ITSM to business services Functional Governance Framework Service Management Framework Delivery: Business processes IT processes

12 ISO20000 The journey to Certification

13 ©Service 20000 Preparing for ISO20000

14 ©Service 20000 Scope of ISO 20000 Customer Supplier A Service Provider Supplier B (Lead Supplier) Supplier Applicability and Scope  Scope can be determined by: Service Location Customer Technology Organisational unit  Service provider must have management control of all processes – even if some activities are outsourced

15 ©Service 20000 How long will it take?  For a company who has not yet implemented ITIL Approx. 2 years  For a company who has implemented ITIL well Approx. 9 months  Remember that once the processes are designed and documented, they need to be rolled out and run for about 3 months before being audited to prove compliance

16 ©Service 20000 The Benefits of ISO20000 Certification  Improved quality of service  Increased business and customer confidence  Improved reputation, consistency and interoperability  Continuous improvement assured  Optimised and controlled costs  Management and staff understand their business, roles and processes better  Demonstrate superiority over competitors  Ability to meet requirements for bids  Easier to justify or combat outsourcing  Enforces move from “should” to “shall”  Impartial and external audit  Certification recognised internationally

17 ©Service 20000 Current ISO 20000 Market  ITSMF scheme – launched 2003 484 certified organisations China 83, Japan 71, UK 45, India 44, China 41, South Korea 32, Germany 29, USA 24 and many others from every continent Slovakia 2 Czech Republic 16 Austria 10  Other schemes??

18 ISO20000 Relationship to other standards and frameworks

19 ©Service 20000 Standards ISO 20000 ISO 27001 ISO 9001:2000 ISO20000 can be achieved with ISO9000 or stand alone. Doing the management and generic processes right Doing the right processes right

20 ©Service 20000 IT Governance related benefits  ISO20000 supports COBIT ISO27001 BS25999  Management system, processes, roles, auditable  Control

21 ISO20000 Qualifications

22 ©Service 20000 Qualifications  ISO20000 consultant (ITSMF)  ISO20000 auditor (ITSMF)  ISO20000 Foundation (ISEB)  ISO2000 Foundation, Professional and Advanced level (EXIN)  Many training providers offer non- accredited courses including awareness, planning to implement ISO20000 etc

23 ©Service 20000 References  ISO/IEC 20000  ISO20000 books and pocket guides  BSI: Achieving ISO20000 series  BSI: A managers guide to service management  BSI: Self assessment workbook  ITSMF Certification scheme  BSI: The new ISO20000 Part 1 edition, differences from 2005 edition – to be published in early 2011

24 ©Service 20000 Questions Lynda Cooper Service 20000 +44 (0)7841 800432

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