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This presentation is developed from Chapter 1 of Seaman Training Manual (NAVEDTRA 14067), and is designed for use either with the course, or independently from it. By ENS MATTHEW LANDRY, NSCC USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY, JR (DD 850) DIVISION FOR USE WITH NAVEDTRA 14067

2 Enabling Objectives Identify types of watches aboard ship
Identify readiness conditions aboard ship Explain duties and watches of a messenger Describe the duties of underway bridge team members

3 1. Watches When assigned to a watch, you are responsible for proper performance of all duties Remain alert Be prepared for emergency Require all subordinates to be attentive Inform the Officer of the Deck (OOD), Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch (BMOW) or the petty officer of the watch (POOW) of matters about the watch

4 Watches, ctd. You may decline to relieve the watch
Only if you feel it is justified Report this to the OOD Do not leave your post until relieved or secured by proper authority

5 Types of Watches Designed to keep the ship operational 24 hours a day
Most watches are 4 hours long 0000 – 0400: MIDWATCH 0400 – 0800: MORNING WATCH 0800 – 1200: FORENOON WATCH 1200 – 1600: AFTERNOON WATCH 1600 – 1800: FIRST DOG WATCH 1800 – 2000: SECOND DOG WATCH 2000 – 2400: EVENING WATCH Dog watches permit rotation of watches, and relief of personnel to eat the evening meal

6 Duties of a Watchstander
Report to watch 30 minutes before it begins You can receive information and/or instructions from the person on watch For night lookouts, this allows the oncoming person to adjust to night vision “I AM READY TO RELIEVE YOU.” The person then passes on any information or instructions Reports to the OOD, asking permission to be relieved

7 2. Conditions of Readiness
Six conditions of readiness govern the type of watch aboard ship

8 3. Duties of a Messenger Most messenger duties are as messenger to the OOD You must exactly know: Where to go What to say Repeat the message exactly Carry messages quickly and directly Messages for the captain or admiral should be delivered to his/her orderly, if assigned Report delays and reasons for delay, to the OOD

9 General Rules for a Messenger
Be in the prescribed uniform of the day at all times. Be attentive to all calls Deliver messages directly and quickly. Return at once to the sender and report the delivery of the message If unable to deliver a message, report this fact at once to the sender If you are sent to an officer's or chief petty officer's room, knock. Do not enter until you are told to do so

10 General Rules for a Messenger
Before going to meals or to the head, obtain permission from the petty officer of the watch Unseamanlike conduct, skylarking, or other such behavior is never permitted Remain covered in officer country. Salute the officer to whom a message is addressed Uncover before entering the wardroom or chiefs mess unless you are on watch and wearing the duty belt Uncover if you enter any area where a meal is in process, even if you are wearing the duty belt

11 In-Port Watches Messenger of the Watch
Underway: Stationed on the bridge In port: Stationed on the quarterdeck

12 Telephone Procedures Answer the phone quickly
Speak immediately to the person calling Identify your command Identify yourself Identify your position Inform the person that the line is UNSECURED Eliminates uncertainty Do not keep other conversations during a phone call Discourteous Information heard this way could be damaging to national security

13 Side Boys Stand watch from 0800 to sunset except mealtime and general drills Wear a clean dress uniform of the day and keep neat in appearance Keep close to the quarterdeck at all times (to hear side boy’s call Follow proper procedure

14 Security Watches May be assigned at the discretion of the CO
Keep OOD informed by hourly reports Maintain continuous patrols above and below decks Check classified stowage Be alert for evidence of sabotage, theft and hazard Check security of weapons magazines Inspect damage control closures Check disbursing office and spaces containing public funds Check ship’s store and storerooms

15 4. Shipboard Underway Watches
Personnel assigned to watch-standing duties are entrusted with the safety and proper operation of the ship Watchstanders who fail to understand responsibility have caused collision, grounding and loss of ship Watchstanders who DO understand responsibility have saved serious damage and loss of life

Designated by the CO to be in charge of the ship Reports directly to the CO for safe navigation and general operation Reports to XO for ship’s routine Reports to the Navigator on sighting landmarks and course/speed changes

Principal assistant to the OOD Stands watch in the pilothouse May be stationed in the open bridge during complex maneuvers

18 Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch (BMOW)
Assist the OOD in carrying out the ship’s routine Supervises the watch team Ensures all deck watch stations are manned All previous watches are relieved Oncoming watch is in proper uniform Stands watch on the bridge

19 Quartermaster of the Watch (QMOW)
Reports to the OOD Changes in weather Temperature and barometer readings Must be qualified helmsman Assists OOD in navigation Enters data in ship’s log Executes sunrise/sunset procedures

20 Helmsman Must complete personnel qualification standards (PQS) for helmsman and be qualified by the Navigator Repeat orders word-for-word Report when you have carried out an order

21 Lee Helmsman Qualified stand-by who regularly relieves the helmsman
Stands watch at the Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) Rings up Conning Officer’s orders to the engine room

22 Other Underway Watches
Fog Watch Stationed in fog or reduced visibility Stood in locations where approaching ships can be best seen or heard (forecastle all the way forward) Lifeboat Watch Lookout/Sound-powered phone talker watch Relieved hourly Trained by the CIC officer, supervised by the OOD

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