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The 5 Themes of Geography

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1 The 5 Themes of Geography
How Geographers look at the world

2 Location Absolute Location- identifying an exact spot on the earth using latitude & longitude. Example: 41º 38’ 01.24” N 111º 52’ 07.09” W Relative Location- where a place is located in relation to other things. Example: directions to your house.

3 Place Human Characteristics- things people do that make a place unique. Examples: language, religion, customs, foods, clothing, etc. Physical Characteristics- natural features of the earth in an area. Examples: climate, landforms, vegetation, waterbodies, etc.

4 Human-Environment Interaction
How humans change the environment to meet their needs & how the environment affects human activities. Example: deforestation, reservoirs, farming, clothing types, etc.

5 Movement The movement of people, goods, & ideas across the globe & why they move. Example: boats, airplanes, trains, trucks, television, newspapers, internet, telephone, talking, etc.

6 Region An area defined by a common characteristic.
Formal Region- united by specific factors. Example: cultural, political, religious Functional Region- a central place & the area linked to it. Example: greater Salt Lake area Perceptual Region- defined by popular feelings & images rather than by objective data. Example: the West

7 Geographers at Work Research methods geographers use to gather data include: Direct Observation- field work, remote sensing, aerial photos Interviewing- how people think or feel about an issue Statistics- census data, temperature & rainfall Technology- satellites, computers, GPS Mapping- cartography, GIS

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