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Harlem Renaissance Research PowerPoint

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1 Harlem Renaissance Research PowerPoint
Bessie sMITH Harlem Renaissance Research PowerPoint

2 Bessie’s Contribution to Harlem renaissance
Bessie’s major contribution was recording her crazy blues. These recordings helped save Colombia Records from bankruptcy because of their high record sales. She was also considered the highest paid female African American entertainers in the United States of America. Even though Bessie did pass away she will always be remembered as the Empress of Blues.

3 Biographical information
April 15, 1894 was the day Bessie Smith was introduced to the world. She was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Bessie was one of the seven children of William and Laura Smith. Throughout her childhood it was not easy. She was raised in poverty in the south, her older sister Viola took care of her once her parents had both passed away. Smith ran away as a teenager to go join a traveling show as a dancer. She started preforming in the fame of a woman who went by the name of Ma Rainey. After preforming at carious theatres her career lifted off. She was often referred as one of the greatest singers of her time.

4 Major Accomplishments
Bessie was respected for many reasons. First off because the fact she was a female blues singer. She was signed to Colombia Records in Also, her first session was on February 15, She was not only a singer, but also wrote many of her own songs about the struggles and the accomplishments of African Americans during the 1920’s and the 1930’s. Gulf coast blues and Downhearted blues were two of the songs she is known for. She sang with many other famous singer like Louis Armstrong and many more. The biggest accomplishment in my eyes she has received is being know as the “Empress of Blues”.

5 Challenges & hardships
Just like everybody in this world, Bessie had many issues of her own. Bessie started singing at a very young age on nine years old for whatever she could get. Both of her parents passed away at a young age so this could cause her to give, but she did not. She would use the themes of rejection, abuse, desertion, alcoholism, poverty and sexuality in her music. Smith made it very clear to everybody she was very sexual. She admittedly told people she was one time promiscuous and also bisexual. Of course, a lot of people disagreed with her choice. Smith did not let that stop her. She continued doing what she loved and encouraged people around the world to move on in life.

6 Impact on future generations
Even today people are still listening to Bessie Smith. People who are interested in the earlier year’s music such as blues, still enjoy Bessiese music. Also, in todays Movies they sometimes use her songs. In the earlier days Smith influenced many singers today to do what they love. For instance, she influenced the well known singers Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin.

7 In Loving Memory April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937

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