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2011. 15  Seven (7) players on the field at a time, however the team can play with six (6)  All unstated rules, 11 man high school rules will govern.

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3  Seven (7) players on the field at a time, however the team can play with six (6)  All unstated rules, 11 man high school rules will govern Intramural Flag Football Play  Length of Game: ◦ Two 18-Minute halves with a 5-Minute intermission between the two ◦ 1 Timeout is allowed per half (1 minute in length) ◦ The clock is continuous  Mercy Rule 50 points 35 in 2 nd half

4  No jewelry will be allowed  No metal cleats, No billed hats  Participants are required a different color for each team (Jersey’s will be provided if necessary)  As the coin toss is presented, the winner can choose offense, defense, or which goal to defend.

5  Offense ◦ Line Positions: Four (4) Players must be on the line at the start of play ◦ Snaps must be visible ◦ No center sneaks  Defense ◦ Players may position themselves however they want to  Must be 1 yard off the line of scrimmage, will be marked with orange dot. ◦ Punting Situation: Four (4) players must remain on the line of scrimmage until ball is kicked.  No movement allowed!

6  Kickoffs ◦ Ball will be placed at the 15 yard line with the 20 yard line being the first 1 st down.  Punting ◦ An announcement to the referee must be given prior to punting ◦ High School Touchback rules are in effect ◦ 10 seconds will be given to the team to punt the ball ◦ There is no fumble rule for the punt snap

7  Tackling ◦ Tackling is not permitted and will not be tolerated ◦ The ball is dead upon removal of the flag belt ◦ Exception: if flags fall off unintentionally, player is not down until defensive player is within 6 feet of ball carrier. ◦ Wide-open tackling:  If a ball carrier, while in possession of the football in the wide-open field, has his/her flags inadvertently fall off while running with the football, the official shall disregard this and let play continue until a defensive player comes close enough to the ball carrier (within six feet) to warrant the ball becoming dead and being spotted at that point.

8  Blocking ◦ Blocking must be done without the use of the hands or extended arm  The blocker shall not leave their feet while executing the block.  The blocker shall have both hands behind his/her back.  This is the type of blocking known as screening.  No part of the blockers body except his feet shall be in contact with the ground during the block.  No three or four point stance allowed. ◦ Rough tactics such as attempting to run over or down and opponent will be penalized for roughness.  Defensive Players must avoid contact ◦ Contact between offense and defensive players will be a defensive penalty.

9  Running ◦ Ball carrier may spin 1 revolution and then establish forward progress prior to spinning again.  Passing ◦ All regulations of 11 man South Dakota High School Football but notice these regulations:  All team members are eligible to catch a pass  A lateral is defined as a ball pitched or passed in a backward motion  A ball lateraled that strikes the ground (fumble) becomes dead at that spot. An intercepted lateral is treated like an intercepted pass, it is a live ball and can be advanced.  First Downs ◦ The ball must be advanced to the closest 20 yard marker

10  Touchdown = 6 points  Safety = 2 points  Point after touchdown: ◦ 3 Yard Line = 1 Point ◦ 10 Yard Line= 2 Points ◦ 20 Yard Line= 3 Points  Overtime ◦ In the case of a tie game, at the end of regulation play the following procedure will be used. The ball will be set on the 10-yard line. Toss of coin will be made to determine team that has first offensive series. Four downs will be allowed for each team. If neither team scores, a second series of 4 downs from the 10-yard line will be started in the same order as the first. ◦ If neither team scores in the second series, the game will be recorded as a tie, one-half win, one half loss in the standings. Example: Determining a winner — If Team A scores on second down, Team B would have to score on first down to win. If Team B scored on second down, the game would be tied and go into second overtime.

11  Ball is dead when touching the ground (except punts) ◦ Miss handled snaps are called down at the spot of fumble  The runner is down if anything besides the hands or feet touch the ground  Fumble Rules: ◦ Immediate dead ball ◦ If the ball is dropped or fumbled straight down or backwards from the intended direction of the ball carrier, the ball will be spotted at that point ◦ If the ball is fumbled forward of the ball carrier's intended line of travel, the ball will be spotted at the point where the ball carrier last had control of the football

12  All penalties are from the line of scrimmage  15 Yard Penalties ◦ Unsportsmanlike conduct  5 Yard Penalties ◦ All penalties, except Unsportsmanlike

13  Teams: Teams will consist of 8 players, 4 men and 4 women. 6 players (3 men and 3 women or 4 women and 2 men) are required to start the game.  The offensive team must have at least 5 players on their line of scrimmage at the snap ◦ Males cannot advance ball through line of scrimmage by running.  Scoring: ◦ If a female player scores a touchdown will be 9 points. If a male scores a touchdown will be 6 points.

14  Male to Male Completion and Illegal Forward Pass: ◦ a) The term "Closed" means a male player may not throw a forward pass completion to any other male player. The term "Open" means any player can complete a forward pass to any other player. ◦ (b) During the offensive team's possession, there may not be 2 consecutive forward pass tries or completions from a male passer to a male receiver. ◦ (c) If a male passer completes a legal forward pass to a male receiver, the next legal forward pass completion must involve either a female passer or a female receiver for the positive yards. ◦ (d) There are no restrictions concerning a male passer completing a legal forward pass to a female receiver, or female to female, or female to male. ◦ (e) If a female passer completes a forward pass to a male receiver behind the Offensive team‘s line of scrimmage  All extra points are “Open” plays.  All illegal plays result in 5 yard penalties.

15  All protests will be handled on the site of competition. A protest may NOT be submitted where a question of the officials judgment is concerned. A protest may only be submitted where it is clear that a definite rule has been improperly enforced or violated.  Only protests concerning eligibility will be considered after the conclusion of a contest or game, and this protest must be in the Recreation Programs Office by noon of the day following the contest or game.

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