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Ch 2. E-Commerce Business Models

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1 Ch 2. E-Commerce Business Models
B2C Models B2B Business Models Business Models in Emerging E Commerce Areas Business concepts and Strategies

2 Eight Ingredients of a Business Model
Value proposition – Why buy from you? Revenue model How money is earned Market Opportunity Target market & size Competition – Who? What unique advantage offered? Market strategy Organizational development Management team

3 Revenue Model Advertising revenue model (Yahoo)
Subscription revenue model (Consumer Reports Online) Transaction Fee – (E Trade) Sales revenue model ( Affiliate revenue model (

4 B2C Models Portal – General –Yahoo Specialized - Sailnet
E-tailer – Virtual – Amazon Clicks and Bricks – Wal-Mart Catalog Merchant – LL Bean Manufacturer Direct - Dell Content Provider – CNN Transaction Broker – E-Trade Market Creator – Ebay Service Provider – Community Provider –

5 B2B Models Net Market Places Private Industrial Networks
E-distributor (Staples) E-Procurement ( Exchanges ( Industry Consortia ( Private Industrial Networks Single-firm networks (Wal-Mart) Industry-wide (

6 E-Commerce Enablers Infrastructure Hardware: Web Servers
Software: Operating Systems Payment Systems Databases Hosting Services Players IBM, HP/Compaq, Dell, Sun Microsoft, Linux, Sun, Apache Verisign, PayPal Oracles, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase Interland, IBM, Webintellects

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