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Umeå:s positive experiences with CIVITAS and how we would like to continue the work!

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1 Umeå:s positive experiences with CIVITAS and how we would like to continue the work!

2 Comprehensive plan with integrated SUMP – A compact city suitable for bicyclists and pedestrians, 5 km of range – Mixed use to minimize the need for car travel – Maximize the use of the new ring road system - Recreate the city street! – Prioritized main network for Public Transports, gaining high frequencies in areas with high population base – parking strategies for sustainable mobility and sustainable access to the city, reducing commuting traffic – Working with behaviours! Mobility Management

3 Behavioral aspects Be Green Umeå (Green citizen of Europe, Life+) is one of Umeå municipality's project offices working on sustainability projects. Be green focuses on behavioral influences both within urban sustainable mobility, and sustainable living.

4 ITS UMEÅ - Intelligent Transport Systems and Services -Environmental Messages in traffic management, a new opportunity to create active routing -Unique experiments -Increase awareness of the air environment -Improved Air Quality

5 Rubrik Brödtext övrig Brödtext övrig, Brödtext övrig Hybricon - Electric power in cold climate The first in the world that is adapted to winter climate. This company has developed the world's first ultrafast chargeable electric buses with hybrid backup.

6 THE GREEN PARKING PURCHASE The agreement provides a reduction of parking standards for employees by 40% if the property owner undertakes : -Public transport fund (incentives for commuters to use PT) -Car-sharing system -Extraordinary parking facilities for bicyclists (warm, safe with dressing room) -Develop a green travel plan/comunication plan

7 ALLOCATION OF A GREEN PARKING PURCHASE One parking purchase (16 000 EUR): 60 % Normal parking purchase (Car parking lots) 10 % contribution to Public transport fund 15-20 % Car-share, bicycle parking facilities, comunication plan Giving the property owner a possible 10-15 % Saving /Incentive

8 A WIN-WIN SITUATION Benefits for the city? -Sustainble growth makes room for the high dense city -Support and facilitate investments -A modal split towards our objectives Benefits for the real estate owner? -Incentives for sustainable transport solutions -A modern trademark -Driving urban sustainable development

9 Main local priorities 1. An easily livable and attractive city centre with good air quality that will attract citizens, visitors and investors 2. A higher proportion of residents in the city centre and population base that supports mixed use in greater context 3. Building a compact city, easily accessible for bicyclists, pedestrians and people travelling with PT 4. A change in modal split with higher use of PT, bicycle and walking 5. A cleaner, more attractive and competitive public transport network in Umeå

10 -Methods for dialoge – co creation -Evaluation model for comprehensive planning and longterm sustainable strategies -Develop a PPP-solution for Mobility Management questions in the city -New methods and technique for separating pedestrians and bicyclists -Developing new methods and principles for lighting public space with focus on experienced safety -Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles -Park and Bike Projects and initiative for cooperation

11 -Sustainable logistic for recreation and leisure activities -Planning the city for the children, giving children possibilities to travel sustainable to school and leisure activities -ITS, intelligent transport systems – a platform to facilitate sustainable travel -Flexible parking standards and parking purchase methods in developing dwellings -Space - efficient parking facilities for bikes -Analysis of sustainable housing in cold climate

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