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Presentation Speakers: Billy Herndon Angel Dronsfield May 2001 duke.

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1 Presentation Speakers: Billy Herndon Angel Dronsfield May 2001 eBilling @ duke

2 What is eBusiness? The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies. e·busi·ness (e' biz' nis) -buying and selling -providing services for customers -collaborating with business partners -marketing and sales -manufacturing and inventory control -financial transactions -employee self service -student self service

3 eCommerce eBusiness vs.

4 Transaction Groups B2C (Business to Consumer) B2B (Business to Business)

5 Types of Transactions? Purchase of Hard goods (requires shipping) –concert tickets, clothing, furniture Purchase of Soft goods –airline e-tickets –download of software Subscriptions –invoice presentation/payment utility, phone, credit card –journals

6 Types of Transactions?...cont’d Registration –conferences –seminars Non-Financial Transactions –class registration –checking grades –changing classes

7 Why eBusiness now? Industry Direction Establish Infrastructure Establish Policies Operating Efficiencies Improved Services

8 Issues University Policies Accounting Banking Funding/Chargeback Business Process Ownership

9 Considerations How to get started? Infrastructure Planning or Pilot Project –Evolution of Policies/Procedures Buy vs. Build?

10 Duke’s Decision Pilot Project –Establish infrastructure –Establish policy Blended Solution –Buy vs. Build

11 How did we start? Formed Steering Committee –Senior leader in IT Associate CIO –Senior leader in Business/Finance Senior Director –External Consultant Steering Committee

12 How did we start?...cont’d Formed Core Implementation Team –Functional Members Project Manager Business Manager Functional Owner –Technical Members Systems Programmer Applications Manager Applications Developer Database Administrator Steering Committee Team Members

13 How did we start?...cont’d Identified Other Ad Hoc Resources –Investment/Treasury Office –Legal Office –IT Security Office –DukeCard Office Steering Committee Core Team Members Other Ad Hoc

14 Pilot Overview Primary Objectives –Identify business policies and procedures necessary to enable eBusiness at an enterprise level. –Establish framework for conducting eBusiness at Duke –Build a Flexible Application

15 Duke Organizational Structure Associate CIO Senior Director Vice Provost for Information Technology OIT reports to VPIT

16 Pilot Phases Phase 1 –Electronic bill presentation and web based payment options for student customers Phase 2 –Electronic sign-up for student services Phase 3 –Electronic work order requests for dept customers Phase 4 –Electronic billing for dept customers

17 Business Case for Pilot Develop Skill Sets –Functional area for pilot within OIT Reduce cost of producing monthly telephone and communications services invoices Improve customer service and business processes

18 Current Process ~Phase One~ Monthly billing cycle –produces paper invoices –invoices are mailed to customers Acceptable forms of payment: –cash, checks –DukeCard –Visa and MasterCard Payments made in person or mailed to lockbox service provider

19 eBusiness Process ~Phase One~ Present invoices and provide payment options via the web. Web application will interface in a batch mode with the current billing system databases.

20 Critical Success Factors Managing customer expectations Developing effective communications/marketing plan Providing appropriate human resources Finding "good fit" with Internet payment vendor

21 Key Relationships Internet Payment Service Provider(s) Software Partner(s) On-campus Card Office On-campus Investment/Treasury Office On-campus Legal Counsel’s Office

22 Measures of Success Improved customer satisfaction Reduced delinquencies –as a result of invoices being delivered timely & ease of payment High participation rate –when offered to all students Reduced billing and collections costs “Best practices” business processes implemented Skill-base development

23 Resource Requirements Hardware –1 to 2 RISC 6000 boxes Software –Websphere (application) –Snareworks (security) –Netscape (web)

24 Resource Requirements People –Core implementation team members –Additional functional people will be involved once in production –Ongoing applications support while maintaining old system –eBusiness lead position Enterprise eBusiness Manager

25 Risk Factors & Dependencies Technical skills Security Legal Issues Ongoing Support/Maintenance Integration with current billing system

26 Functional Architecture

27 The Results……..

28 Invoice FAQs | Security & Privacy | Customer Service | Residential Services Home | Logout



31 The Results March ~ Cycle 1 –46 invoices –$1534.19 in accounts receivable –25 payments totaling $1492.26 April ~ Cycle 2 –44 invoices –$2044.70 in accounts receivable –16 payments totaling $898.43

32 Phase 2 ~Progress to Date~ Completed Functional Specs –included functional flow diagram Developing Technical Specs Developing Web Design

33 Questions?

34 Contact Information Billy T. Herndon Associate CIO 919-419-5550 Angel Dronsfield Senior Director, Finance & Business Administration 919-684-2930

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