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Welcome! Ken Lampert, MD Audrey Lum, RN, MPA Maria Pitaro, MD

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1 Welcome! Ken Lampert, MD Audrey Lum, RN, MPA Maria Pitaro, MD
May 13, 2015

2 Union Health Center Founded in 1914 by ILGWU Located in New York City
Union mergers with textile and service industries Today laundry, restaurant, building, and janitorial union members Unique Financial Model Treat union members, their dependents and retirees PCMH team model Teamlets = PCP and *Patient Care Assistant (PCA) PC Teams: 6 teamlets, 1 RN, 2 *Health Coaches, 1 *Floor Coordinator & 2 Patient Support Staff * Medical Assistant

3 Patient Care Assistant Patient Support Services Administrative Support
Care Team Model Patient Primary Care Provider Patient Care Assistant Nurse Health Coach Corridor MA Call Center Registration Specialists Medical Neighborhood Nutrition Social Work Patient Support Services Care Management Administrative Support

4 MA Curriculum Developed by UHC Primary Care Providers
All medical assistants receive the same training on chronic diseases, preventive screenings and self-management support Training is based on a 3-prong system Didactic instruction Clinical shadowing with supervised reinforcement Written competency

5 MA Career Ladder at the Union Health Center
Floor Coordinator Patient Care Assistant Health Coach

6 Health Coaches Health Coach role PCP role
See scheduled patients, conduct phone visits & follow-up, review scheduled patients with PCP, continuous communication with PCP, collaborative goal setting PCP role Refer chronic disease patients to HC, soft hand-off, collaboration & continuous communication with HC Huddle Provider Exam HC Visit Phone/Visit f/u

7 Aligned Curriculum, EMR Templates & Patient Resources
For each topic, EMR templates developed by PCPs with input by MAs Templates include content from patient handouts MAs are trained using the templates and the handouts Self-management included in each template Close supervision by providers and nurses during the training period Much of our materials on chronic disease management were developed by our provider staff. The providers also teach different components of the curriculum and have a great deal of input on what is being taught to their patients. -Medical Assistants enjoy having the providers teach because they hear first hand what is important for their patients to know.

8 Outcomes Data

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