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Competencies of Early Childhood Workers

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1 Competencies of Early Childhood Workers

2 Education & Training Needed to Work with Young Children
High School Degree * teacher’s aide or playground supervisor (CDA) Child Development Associate Credential– National credential * Postsecondary courses in child care education & demonstrated their ability to work with young children

3 CDA 6 CDA competency goals identify the skills needed by early childhood professionals Goals are divided into 13 functional areas (describe major tasks by caregivers) Must be 18 yrs. old and have a high school diploma Must have a minimum number of hours of child care experience and have taken courses in early childhood education

4 Education & Training Cont’d..
Most jobs in this chapter require at least a 2 year degree in child development or a related field Credential is not required if you have an associate or bachelor’s degree Graduate degrees- consultants, researchers, and early childhood instructors or professors Each state has different requirements

5 The Teacher’s Responsibilities
Majority of career opportunities will be as teachers or teacher’s aides These jobs are needed for child care centers, preschools, Head Start programs. & early childhood programs in public or private schools You will need to be a friend, colleague, counselor, janitor, nurse, decorator, safety expert, and even a cook on some days!

6 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
Challenging & Rewarding are two words that can best describe the responsibilities of an early childhood teacher Early childhood teachers usually feel useful, needed, and important

7 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To know how children grow and develop (knowing the principles of child development will assist you in developing curriculum that is challenging and interesting without being difficult or discouraging) -ex. Temper tantrums To plan a developmentally appropriate curriculum (quality programs focus on the “whole child”) Physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development are all emphasized

8 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To prepare the environment *preparing an inviting and stimulating learning environment *must encourage children to independently experiment, explore, and manipulate *Lack of variety or quantity can lead to lags in development

9 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To communicate effectively *Positive communication skills will help you form and maintain a close relationship with the children in your care *Effective communication with the parents and colleagues

10 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To demonstrate teamwork *Getting along with coworkers (making them feel important) *accept their style of caregiving, praise them for meaningful interactions, recognize their feelings *know how to resolve conflict

11 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To manage time wisely *Time management skills *Help you organize your time, set priorities, and distinguish between important and urgent matters *Help you make choices wisely

12 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To participate in professional organizations *Help you keep up with current developments in the field (must be active) (NAEYC)- National Association for the Education of Young Children (largest)

13 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To follow ethical standards Ethics- guiding set of moral principles *Professional who follow the Code of Ethical Conduct ensure that programs for young children are based on the most recent knowledge of child development and early childhood education *may involve sticky situations

14 The Teacher’s Responsibilities Cont’d…
To continue to learn *Need to be a committed life long learner *conferences, in-service training, course work, journals, study groups, and books

15 Characteristics of Successful Teachers
Fondness for Children Patience Compassion Confidence Sense of Humor Commitment Personal desire Physical and Mental Health

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