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Advocating BACnet Advocating BACnet Jim Lee. BACnet Advocacy and Testing b BACnet Manufacturers Association b BACnet Testing Laboratories b BACnet Interest.

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1 Advocating BACnet Advocating BACnet Jim Lee

2 BACnet Advocacy and Testing b BACnet Manufacturers Association b BACnet Testing Laboratories b BACnet Interest Group Europe b BACnet Interest Group-North America b BACnet Interest Group-Austral Asia b Listing and Certification b BACnet verses LON

3 Introduction to the BMA

4 Dedicated To Supporting & Promoting Dedicated To Supporting & Promoting ASHRAE and ANSI ASHRAE and ANSI Open Standards Open Standards for building automation and for building automation and control networks control networks

5 BMA Objectives: 1) Develop a BACnet compliance testing and listing program that will award an interoperability mark to BMA/BTL compliant products. 2) Establish a test lab to support compliance testing and interoperability testing activities.

6 BMA Objectives: (cont.) 3 ) Promote interoperability and compliance with the BACnet Standard by developing testing software and organizing multi-vendor interoperability testing activities. 4) Provide the latest information about BACnet technology and products through educational events and a web site that displays listed products.

7 BMA Objectives: (cont.) 5) Market and promote the use of BACnet to consulting engineers, end users of building automation equipment, and the building automation community at large. This will include education and publicizing successful implementations. 6) Work with the following organizations to promote and improve BACnet:

8 Organization Cooperation b ASHRAE SSPC 135 b CEN TC247 b IEIEJ b BIG-NA b BIG-Europe b NEMA b NFPA b BACnet Interoperability Testing Consortium

9 BMA MEMBER BENEFITS b Have your BACnet products tested and listed at a reduced cost b Use the BTL logo on listed products b Participate in establishing compliance test procedures b Participate in interoperability testing exercises b Display your BTL listed products on BMA Web site b Obtain testing tools for pre-listing self testing

10 BTL Logo b BACnet is a registered trademark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). b ASHRAE has a policy of not approving, endorsing or testing products.


12 BMA Corporate Members: Alerton TechnologiesReliable Controls American AutomatrixSiemens Building Technologies Automated LogicSierra Monitor Belimo Air ControlsSimplex CimetricsTeletrol Delta ControlsTridium HoneywellTrane Invensys Building Systems Johnson Controls Lithonia Lighting McQuay International Nara Controls

13 BMA Affiliate Members: Prof. Peter Fischer--BIG-EU Liaison H. Michael Newman--Cornell University Steve Bushby--N.I.S.T, Chairman ASHRAE SSPC 135

14 BMA Marketing Policy The BACnet Manufacturers Association will vigorously promote: b BACnet Controls b BACnet Protocol b BACnet Standardization Efforts b Cooperation between international organizations

15 BMA Technical Agenda b Develop Product Testing Process b Help Consulting Engineers specify BACnet by providing specifications and tools b Work with ASHRAE SSPC 135 to insure that BACnet keeps pace with the changing technology landscape b Multi-vendor Interoperability Testing b Coordination with International Groups

16 BACnet Testing Laboratories b Test process creation b Test tools maintenance (VTS) b Test script preparation b Product testing

17 Benefits of a BACnet testing and listing program b Increase the level of BACnet interoperability between commercial products offered by different manufacturers b Provide objective information about the BACnet functionality present in listed products to consulting engineers and end customers

18 Information about listed products b The BACnet functionality of listed products will be published on a web site, accessible to everyone

19 Overview of the Product Testing and Listing Process b A manufacturer submits an application to the organization administering the program. b The manufacturer sends a product and product documentation to an authorized test lab. b The product is tested. If there are problems, the manufacturer resolves the problems in cooperation with the test lab. b Test results are reviewed by the program administrator, and a listing is awarded.

20 Testing is “Open Book” b Testing requirements and procedures are being developed by an industry group, and the results will be made public b Most testing tools will be easy to obtain b VTS can be freely downloaded from b Manufacturers can run tests in their own labs before submitting products

21 BACnet Compliance Testing b Basic requirements for all devices are defined in the BACnet Standard b Test procedures are defined in ASHRAE 135.1P, a draft standard (completed public review #1) b Selection of tests to be run is based on the specification of the device’s capabilities provided by the manufacturer

22 Testing is International b Organizations in North America and Europe are working together to create a unified testing and listing program b Test labs have been selected in the U.S. and Germany

23 BACnet Interest Group-Europe


25 BIG-EU BACground b Mission: promote interoperability b Composed of manufacturers, academics, consultants and end users b Open exchange of information RE: BACnet b Communicate with the BMA and ASHRAE

26 BIG-EU Marketing b Inform Building owners&managers about the advantages of BACnet b Provide guidelines on how to specify BACnet b Promote the interests of BIG-EU members in the market and in committees b Encourage cooperation regarding the development of tools, hardware and software

27 BIG-EU Training b Organize training for users and interested manufacturers b Develop BACnet seminars b Develop BACnet training materials

28 BIG-EU Certification b Create the infrastructure for testing and certification of conformity to BACnet b Pro vide guidelines for interoperability testing b Coordinate agreement between European and American testing organizations

29 BACnet in Asia b Japan IEIEJ-training, proposing new objects and services to the standard b Korea--BACnet adopted as a Korean standard b China--Investigating BACnet as a standard

30 BACnet Interest Group-Austral Asia

31 BACnet Interest Group-North America

32 BIG-NA b Facilities Personnel b BAS Contractors b Service Personnel b Consultants

33 BIG-NA b The group seeks to "promote the use of open systems using BACnet technology" and to further the "revolution to change a vendor- driven market to a user-driven market." b Obiwan b Penn State University conference

34 International Product Listing

35 Advocating BACnet Advocating BACnet Jim Lee



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