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CHARACTERIZATION How do we get to know the characters?

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1 CHARACTERIZATION How do we get to know the characters?

2 Character Traits  Character traits are the personality of a character or real life person.  For example:  The boy who smiles at the new girl might be called kind or flirtatious. (Actions)  The girl who always has the latest fashions might be called stylish. (Looks)  The teacher who says, “Good morning! It’s so nice to see you!” might be called pleasant or caring. (Speech)

3 Characterization  Characterization is the way the writer reveals the personality of a character.  While reading you can ask yourself:  Is the author telling me about the character?  Is the author showing me the character’s traits?

4 Types of Characterization  Direct Characterization tells the audience what the personality of the character is. (Duh!)  Example: The patient boy and the quiet girl were both well mannered and did not disobey their mother.  The author is directly telling the audience the personality of these two children. The boy is “patient” and the girl is “quiet.”

5 Types of Characterization Speech Thoughts Effect on others Actions Looks  Indirect Characterization shows things that reveal the personality of a character. (Inference!)  There are 5 methods of indirect characterization. SHOW!

6 Indirect Characterization  Speech: What does this character’s speech tell us about him?  He is ____________. “What do you mean?”

7 Indirect Characterization  Thoughts: What do this characters thoughts tell us about him?  He is ___________. I think I’ll buy her a diamond ring.

8 Indirect Characterization  Effect on others: What do the feelings and behavior of others tell us about the character?  The person in the bed is ______________.

9 Indirect Characterization  Actions: What do the characters actions tell us?  The person on top of the mountain is ___________.

10 Indirect Characterization  Looks: What does the character look like? How does the character dress?  Scuba boy came dressed to school wearing this outfit. He is _____________.

11 Direct vs. Indirect George is _______ and ______.Alan is _______ and _______. George clasped the leash on his dog’s collar. It was their ritual to walk around the block each morning. This morning Alan was impatient. He hooked the leash to his dog’s collar and then treated him harshly.

12 Direct vs. Indirect Tanya is _______________. Steve is _______________. Tanya thought, “I have done this balance beam routine successfully a million times.” As she steadied her hands on the leather beam, she heard the crowd roar. Steve was confident that he would make the shot. He had been making shots like this since the first grade. He never doubted himself.

13 Think about It  What kind of “character” do you consider yourself to be? List 5 character traits for yourself.

14 Partner Practice  Work with your neighbor to complete the chart.

15 Independent Practice  Arnold is a klutz. Let’s show that he’s klutzy by writing about his klutzy actions.  Arnold tripped on the bright red stool in the middle of the living room and dropped a glass of cranberry juice, which splashed everywhere!  Kate is motherly. Let’s show that she’s motherly by writing about her motherly thoughts.  Your turn! Be ready to share!  Complete the rest of the chart.

16 Independent Practice  You do not need to copy a specific sentence from the book; however, you need to think of an example to support the character trait you list.  Then design and color an outfit for the protagonist of our class novel.

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