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Marketing Research Designs

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1 Marketing Research Designs

2 1. What research option usually answers questions related to "how many"?
Intelligence Quantitative Syndicated Economic

3 2. What is an example of a secondary source of data that a business can obtain internally?
Trade journal Sales report Government web site Magazine article

4 What type of research is intended to obtain detailed data about customers' opinions and experiences?
Sampling Qualitative Observation Forecasting

5 4. What research approach do businesses often use to test new product ideas?
Questioning Technological Recording Experimental

6 What type of research would a business conduct if it wanted to identify potential issues or opportunities? Descriptive Experimental Exploratory Causal

7 A business has identified a sample of the population that it plans to survey to determine who is using their product in a foreign country.  What research design should it use? Exploratory Causal Descriptive Experimental

8 7. What question does establishing a sampling plan for a research project answer?
What type of product to study How many people to survey When to conduct an interview Why the issue is important

9 8. The TUV Company wants to conduct marketing research by surveying a sample of its vast customer base.  What should companies use to reduce the possibility of bias? Personal interviews Telephone Interviews Referral sampling Random sampling

10 9. When marketers sampled year-old girls, they found that they all were 5 feet 2 inches tall.  What type of sampling error contributed to this finding? Non-response Interviewer bias Chance The way the question was asked

11 10. A university is considering changes to its business administration degree.  To obtain feedback on the idea from students, the university selects a sample of business majors who are seniors.  What type of sampling did the university use? Cluster Proportionate Stratified random Simple

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