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Innovation: The BDC perspective By: Theodore Homa, International Consulting.

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1 Innovation: The BDC perspective By: Theodore Homa, International Consulting

2 2 Entrepreneurs First Our mission Help create and develop Canadian businesses through financing, venture capital and consulting services, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Our goals Support the growth and competitiveness of Canadian businesses Develop Canada’s entrepreneurial potential Be innovative, agile and financially sustainable

3 3 Our clients >75% have less than 20 employees >7.5% have been in business less than 2 years >82% survive more than 5 years >31% of BDC loans support Innovation (R&D, equipment & computers, market development) >Twice as many start-ups than market (10% versus 5% market) >More fast-growth firms than market (23% versus 13% market) 1 BDC internal estimate using fiscal 2009 data

4 4 Supporting Entrepreneurs FINANCINGCONSULTINGVENTURE CAPITAL Long-term & Subordinate debt financing Building the Entrepreneur’s capacity Investment in technology companies $14.8B outstanding 2.8% 1 Of Canadian term financing market 2,500+ Mandates in 2010 $725M Committed 11% 2 Of reported VC direct transactions (number) in Canada 1 Statistics Canada Survey of SME Financing Suppliers, 2009 release (based on calendar year 2008) 2 Fiscal 2010 (Thomson Reuters, June 30, 2010 )

5 Incubate innovation in business

6 6 Capital Innovation Framework Collaboration Competencies Capacity (to support incremental innovation) Creation (of radical innovation)

7 Radical Innovation

8 8 VC Ecosystem Entrepreneurs Angel Investors GP investors Investment funds Exit (IPO / M&A)

9 Innovation

10 Information and Communications Technology

11 ICT Investments 62 % WEB PRESENCE Hardware infrastructure Business solutions Mobile solutions 40 % 35 % 34 %

12 12 ICT: Canadian Attitudes >VISUAL? Entrepreneurs can be intimidated by technology

13 STAGES Awareness 13 AdoptionConsideration 2 4

14 4 Innovation

15 15 What BDC Will Do An unwavering commitment to supporting innovation

16 1 888 INFO Theodore Homa Senior Partner, International Consulting Service 1 (514) 283-8742 Thank You

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