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IBDP+ From OUP Working in partnership with the IB.

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1 IBDP+ From OUP Working in partnership with the IB

2 IB

3 Oxford University Press resources Created for use as the students core class text:  Developed with the IB Curriculum Team  They adopt the truest match to the IB Syllabuses and Philosophy  They are fully comprehensive resources that exactly match IB specifications and integrate imaginative, original material to drive discussion  Authors are all expert IB teachers and examiners  Assessment is covered in-depth, and texts integrate the most valuable assessment support Course Books

4 Oxford University Press resources To be used alongside the course book, throughout the course.  Provide a focussed study tool  Hone the crucial skills and tangibly build confidence  Build skills directly relevant to IB assessment, concretely heightening assessment potential  Effective assessment strategies provide step-by-step methods for tackling different questions  Designed to tangibly build confidence and help learners demonstrate their true capabilities in exams Skills and Practice

5 Oxford University Press resources A concise and focussed revision tool to support exam preparation.  Comprehensively cover the syllabuses, matching IB  Reinforce all the key topics in a concise, user-friendly formats, cementing understanding  Support complete comprehension, and develop explanation, analysis and evaluation skills  They use visual explanations to simplify difficult concepts and build strong understanding  Effectively prepare learners for assessment with study support, exam strategies and past paper questions  Examiner tips provide preparation for assessment, building confidence  Offer relevant and wide-ranging material to encourage further enquiry, fully in line with the learner profile  Support for the extended essay and internal assessment included Study Guides

6 Core 2013 This is a core requirement for all IB students

7 Group 1: Language A 2013 Studies in language & literature

8 Group 2: Language B Language acquisition *Course book answers available online

9 Group 3: Individuals & Societies

10 Group 4: Experimental Sciences

11 Group 5: Maths & Computer Science Still available for current cohort

12 Published this Year Published: February 14 Series include:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics course books  Digital support online

13 MYP Global Issues project organisers Uniquely developed by Oxford and the IB to support interdisciplinary learning. A set of five, write-in interdisciplinary Project Organizers - one for each year of the MYP with a different theme drawn from the UN Millennium Development Goals

14 Resources that support the MYP Oxford English an International Approach Maths Links Science Works Geog.123 Oxford Content and Language support: Maths, Science, Geography and History

15 Resources that support the PYP New: International English Oxford Reading Tree Project X Numicon Children's reference

16 Readers for the MYP Bookworms Library Bookworms Factfiles Oxford Bookworms Library

17 Supplementary Materials for the PYP & MYP  New non-fiction graded readers for primary – 8-year-olds and up. Cross-curricular topics and colour photos make learning English through other subjects exciting.  Wide range of cross-curricular topics in graded English  Attractive photos, charts and diagrams help understanding  In every book: activities and projects for language and learning skills  Flexible design allows both free reading and supported reading  Picture Dictionary (levels 3 and 4) and Glossary (levels 5 and 6) offer extra support  Audio in both American and British English  Excellent teacher materials Oxford Read and Discover

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