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Isabelle, Aaron & Cayden

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1 Isabelle, Aaron & Cayden
Cheetah Isabelle, Aaron & Cayden

2 The Babies The babies are called cubs. Babies drink milk from their mother. The cub’s fur is darker than adults. The cubs clean each other. The mother looks for the cub. They will stay here until their mother moves them in the morning. They purr just like kittens.

3 What They Do They sniff, lick, and rub cheeks. They can not roar. They hiss.

4 Body They are 14 feet long. The tail is two feet long. They have long hair. They are yellow or orange with black spots. The black dots are soft. The king has spots that blend into stripes on the back. Claws do not retract. They are not strong. They have long legs.

5 Predators They are predators. Hyenas and lions are predators to cheetahs.

6 Playing and Hunting and Living
At 8 months old they learn to hunt. They think they are playing. They have the longest stride in the cat world. They play leap frog. Their habitat is the Savanna. They live in Southern and Eastern Africa.

7 Food They eat meat. Cheetahs eat impalas, gazelles, antelopes, rodents and rabbits.

8 Speed They run fast. They can run up to 70 miles per hour. They can go from 0-40 miles per hour in 2 seconds. It’s the fastest animal on land.

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