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It Stinks! Extinction Second Grade.

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1 It Stinks! Extinction Second Grade

2 The Student will: Recognize that some plants and animals that formerly inhabited the earth are no longer present on earth.

3 What is extinction?

4 What is extinction? Extinction occurs when plants and animals that were on earth are no longer present due to environmental or physical changes.

5 What causes extinction?
Habitat loss Temperature change Pollution Over harvesting of plants and animals Non-native animals and plants

6 Habitat Loss Some examples that can cause habitat loss are:
Building cities and roads Logging and not replanting trees Fires

7 What can we do to help?

8 Temperature change Some examples that can effect temperature change:
Fuels burned from cars and factories

9 Pollution Some things that can cause pollution are;
Acid rain due to factory exhaust Oil spills Plastic trash

10 Over harvesting of plants and animals
Due to the demand for exotic animal skins, furs, bones, meat, and organs is curtailed, many animals are killed by man.  This is usually illegal.

11 Non-native animals and plants
Plants and animals find themselves in countries where they don't naturally live can upset the balance of nature.  Sometimes, this happens on purpose, such as when people transport the animals.  Sometimes, the animals arrive by accident, as when an animal may end up in a shipment to another country.

12 More Endangered Animals Dinosaur Discovery Virtual Zoo Dinosaur Floor
The Dodo Bird Extinct Animals What Killed the Dinosaurs? Endangered or Extinct?

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