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SCHOOL OF EDUCATION September 22, 2014. Do you know who your education advisor is? Do you visit MAP Works regularly?

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1 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION September 22, 2014

2 Do you know who your education advisor is? Do you visit MAP Works regularly?

3  Overview theme of teacher preparation & continuous assessment system, CAPs  Review critical program requirements & resources  Review KTIP/TPA/SOE and Praxis I (CASE) entrance and Praxis II licensure exams  Discuss attendance policy and disposition procedures. 

4  Empowerment is a process – acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become an effective teacher  Empowerment is an outcome – teaching to impact student learning

5  TEC - Teacher Education Committee  TEAC – Teacher Education Advisory Council  KACSE Council – KY Alternative Certification for Special Education  Regulated by Kentucky Department of Education and Education Professional Standards Board.

6  Continuous assessment system required for all teacher preparation programs in KY  CU has 4 CAPs ◦ CAP 1: intent to enter teacher education ◦ CAP 2: admission to the program ◦ CAP 3: application to student teaching ◦ CAP 4: exit from program/student teaching ◦ Get a FLASH DRIVE and save everything you do in your EDUCATION CLASSES!









15  Significant to you: a disposition assessment is reported at every CAP and in every professional education course  Effective dispositions are critical to your success as a teacher  Dispositions come from professors, cooperating teachers and anyone else you spend significant time around professionally



18  Successful completion of 4 CAPs  200 field hours; 30 PPD hours; need more field and PPD hours than what courses require, before CAP 3



21  Successful completion of a CAP 3 portfolio submitted in capstone courses, ED 414 & ED 416  Remember the FLASH DRIVE recommendation!  Successful completion of a CAP 4 portfolio submitted during student teaching placement

22  Placements made primarily within 60 mile radius; students need to plan in advance for this requirement  Students apply for student teaching placements, requesting 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd choices for specific locations

23  Placements are 16 weeks in length  Depending on your certification level, you may have 1 or 2 placements of 8 weeks each  Students must demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of a CU student teacher

24  Current documents: ◦ KTIP Teacher Performance Tasks/Sources of Evidence (TPA) ◦ Instructional objectives ◦ Reflections

25  Form files located in Student Learning Center and on SOE website.  CAP forms and supporting documents such as criminal records check forms  Curriculum contracts  Applications for student teaching

26  Announcements posted in Student Learning Center that includes PPD seminar list, SOE advisors, postings of job opportunities, testing information  Pertinent literature including Praxis testing information and professional publications  SOE website SOE website  SOE Facebook SOE Facebook

27 Praxis 1 Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (5751)




31  Exams must be taken before student teaching  Exams must be passed to secure teaching license and employment  You can graduate without passing the exams; however, you degree will state “without teacher certification”




35  All candidates take the PLT exam – Principles of Learning & Teaching (pedagogy)  And, a specialty exam(s) in the content area(s)  KY sets cut-off scores for all exams

36  Helpful hints document (SLC)  Study Companion (Tests at a Glance), free download from ETS website,  Study Guides available for check-out in TLRC

37  KTIP – Kentucky Teacher Internship Program; first year of employment  Sources of Evidence (Professional Growth and Effectiveness System – TPGES;  The portfolio will continue in teacher preparation and SOE components are being integrated into courses  JOB OPPORTUNITIES!!! Visit the KDE KEPS site for openings and check school district web sites regularly ault.aspx ault.aspx

38 Kappa Delta Pi KATE KEA-SP – Officers – Membership Benefits

39  The School of Education received national recognition by NCATE – National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, September 2012.  Next NCATE visit, 2019


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