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Ponds By Seth ,Grant ,and Ray.

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1 Ponds By Seth ,Grant ,and Ray

2 Quick Facts A Pond is smaller than a lake.
Ponds support lots of wildlife. Ponds mostly have lots of Algae Ponds are aquatic

3 Pond Food Web

4 The Food Pyramid

5 Biotic Factors Turtles ,birds ,worms ,fish ,snails ,lizards ,bacteria ,algae ,beavers ,frogs ,larva ,insects

6 Abiotic factors Sunlight Temperature Precipitation Water Soil
Water flow

7 Producers and consumers
Plants such as Algae ,Flowers ,and Grass are Producers they make food through photosynthesis Photosynthesis happens from energy Consumers such as frogs ,birds ,larva ,insects ,beavers ,ect are consumers they eat plants or each other

8 Decomposers Decomposers Break down dead
All Decomposers are things like worms ,Bacteria ,fungi Decomposers make dead plants or animals into minerals

9 Producers to consumers to decomposers
It starts with Producers such as Algae and Plants they make photosynthesis by the sun producing Energy They consumers eat plants and then carnivores eat the herbivores The dead herbivores get broke down by Decomposers into minerals Then the minerals turn into plant which starts over again


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